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Volunteer in environmental protection in Gunjur

My Magazine 2022/12
3 min
Volunteering experience in Gunjur is a great opportunity to combine spending time with the local community and learning about the way of life, religion and traditions, to gain basic knowledge of one of the local languages and to give back to the world by engaging in environmental activities in one of the most environmental-aware communities in The Gambia.

A volunteering experience which enables volunteers not only to give but mostly receive knowledge by living with, exploring, observing and engaging in the daily activities of the members of the community and passionate members of the group of NGOs for environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development under the name of GEPADG – The Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group.

Volunteers contribute to the community not only with their volunteer work but also through homestay, which brings extra income for the family and, in return, offers an authentic experience of daily life, which one can never get by staying in a lodge or hotel.

The one-week program includes many aspects of the Gunjurian life yet emphasises the environment. Nyamina forest, Bolong Fenyo Natural Reserve, Turtle protection project, community sensitising activities, tree planting, and beach and forest cleaning are just some things you can involve yourself in while staying there.

In one week's program, you will gain new knowledge about sustainable practices, the importance of animal and floral species for the environment, and understand the lifestyle and treasures Gunjur has to offer with its welcoming hospitality.

Some of the activities that you will do involve:

  • Getting to know the environmental challenges of the Gunjur area
  • Participation in ongoing projects (tree planting, turtle protection)
  • Visiting the nature reserve
  • Beach and forest cleaning actions
  • Spending a day with the family and cooking lessons
  • Wolof / Mandinka lessons
  • Visiting women's gardens
  • Visiting the turtle protection site
  • Creating environmental awareness in schools
  • Cultural day (drumming, kora playing, storytelling, visiting museum)

The program can be customised to your interests and wish for engagement. In your free time, your hosts will help with the organisation of various exploring activities such as a boat trip on the Halahin river, visiting The Gambia Reptiles Farm, bird watching or a trip to the North or inland Gambia.

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