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My Magazine 2022/12
2 min
Author: Lenin Balan
Travel2heal is a new initiative in The Gambia that offers tourists and residents of The Gambia to get a world-class, affordable medical consultancy online. Further treatment from leading multispeciality hospitals in Dubai (UAE) or Chennai (India) will also be given.

Travel2heal has two easily assessable destinations, which are Dubai and Chennai. This will be a boon for people living in the Gambia due to the easy connectivity. Dubai, the connecting hub of the world, can be a quick one-way stop for people living in Gambia who need medical assistance. India, in recent years, has emerged as a central hub for medical tourism and is now considered among the world's top medical value travel destinations. Chennai is known as the Healthcare Capital of India.

Both these destinations have the following advantages, which are:

  • English-speaking health workers,
  • cutting-edge global technology,
  • personalized services,
  • the lesser waiting period,
  • rich cultural and leisure destination
  • and most importantly, lower costs.

Travel2Heal is associated with medical pioneers of all specialties in India and the UAE.
They are well known for the latest advancement in Robot-assisted Surgery, which has high precision, Minimal blood loss, shorter hospital stays, quick post-op-recovery, and low cost as their significant advantages.

In short, if you have a health issue, you must follow the simple steps.

  1. Get connected with right doctors and explain the health issue by sending the details.
  2. Arrange consultations (online/ offline)
  3. Expert specialists and doctors will advise you on the way forward
  4. Fast tracked appointments and diagnosis
  5. If needed, you will be assisted with simplified travel arrangements (Ticket, visa, accommodation, airport pickup and drop) as well, during the treatment period.

In case of need, please connect through the website,
email Id, and telephone/WhatsApp Number-  +971522102512.

Just share your health concerns with us, and our experts will contact you with your desired solution. Our consultants will contact you and take you through the travel process if needed.
As an introductory offer, the consultation charges will be USD 15/- for a limited period. Please use this amazing offer and pass on this information to your friends and family who may benefit.

This will be a one-stop solution for all medical treatment and health worries in the Gambia. Online consultancy can be a significant advantage in today’s fast-emerging world.


Lenin Balan
Lenin Balan has been living in The Gambia since 2004 and has been part of the Development sector in The Gambia for many years. He has trained young Gambians in rural areas to become community educators to help children in the villages learn. He has been associated with the education sector in the Gambia and worked with educators as part of the Effective Intervention team. He has been the Ambassador for InterNations in The Gambia since 2018 and is the Elected Secretary of the Fajara Club & Golf Course. He is now shuffling between the Gambia, India, and the UAE, trying to connect the three countries and bring beneficial educational and health initiatives. When not traveling, he likes to play Golf.

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