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Weather in December

My Magazine 2022/12
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December is one of the most favourable months of the peak tourism season. This is mostly because of the climate. The air becomes more breathable, in the evenings and mornings, there is a fresh feel, but still, there is plenty of sun during the day, and also, the sea is very inviting at 24°C or more.

It is a dry season, so no rain is expected. In some parts of the Gambia, there could be up to 3 rainy days, but there can rarely be more than 1 mm of the rainfall.

As far as the temperatures go, during the day, it can reach up to 35°C, but also, there is a big difference in the temperature in the middle of the day and at night. It even becomes chilly, while the temperatures can drop to 19°C or even less. This means WINTER! On cold days, midday temperature would not reach more than 27°C. The temperatures also vary throughout the county. You can usually feel warm wind by the beach, which sometimes reduces the real feel temperatures. With no wind, in the direct sunlight, the real feel temperatures can increase for 8°C. Try not to forget to bring your sun cream and bottle of cold water with you. Humidity levels are quite low, on average 43%.

Sun will rise after 7 a.m., bringing more than 10 hours of sunlight! Sun will set before 7 p.m., serving you a wonderful view.

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Jalamang Danso, passionate tour guide of the Destination Janjanbureh


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