Volunteering at summer camps in The Gambia

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"Kids are the world" is a charity organization in The Gambia which has focus on 3 main projects: Sponsors a child, Travel as a volunteer, and Career & educational center. 

Summer camps are joining all three projects in our most busy yearly activity - summer camps.

Our career-educational centre has 3 classrooms, soon to have 4, where the youngest children can start their education. We look for sponsors for these children so their parents can afford to send them to school and this way, our sponsors help with educating a number of children which is now approaching 600.

For the whole year, we invite volunteers to come to The Gambia through our program and that way we add a great value to our work as volunteer work along with the help of sponsors is what keeps our organization going and making a great change in the lives of the locals.

When the school year is finished in June, we organize summer camps to keep children in care and ensure they are being active, socializing and having snacks, which is not self-evident in The Gambia. For their meals, we raise donations every year. The children are looking forward to the summer camps, especially because of the visits of the volunteers, as they dedicate themselves to them in a special way and special bonds are forged between them and the children.

In the summer, the centre also opens its doors to all children from the surrounding villages who want to take part in various educational, fun and sports activities. Most children in the village do not have the opportunity for regular schooling, but they are very eager for knowledge. For most of these children, the centre will be the only contact with the basics of the English language, with knowledge of numbers, letters, didactic toys, board games, arts, workshops and lead sport activities.

We are sincerely glad that there are more and more people who want to do something useful on their trip to Africa, and at the same time learn something about the new culture, customs, way of life in West Africa and moral values ​​and habits of people living in material deprivation.

If the idea of ​​volunteering in Africa has been simmering in you for some time, now is the time to take a step forward and join our groups.

Accompaniment, guidance and mentoring take place from preparation to your departure in cooperation with Gambian representatives of the organization who live here, work and successfully cooperate with local and humanitarian projects since 2011. At the same time, we have extensive experience in organizing and working with volunteers from all over the world.

Areas of work are different. You can help with teaching in school, lead sports activities or art projects, you can work as a photographer capturing moments with the children and wonderful nature and culture, you can work in a laboratory, a local clinic or maternity hospital, a home for orphans, children who have been abused and teenagers who have committed various crimes and are awaiting trial, you can save turtle eggs and turtles, plant trees, clean the beach, help to upgrade our Educational training center, etc. We find a suitable project for everyone, so everyone can feel useful.

Summer camp is suitable for everyone!

For students, employees, couples, families and retirees. We believe that everyone can do something good for others and at the same time for themselves.
We also help to organize group visits of sponsors so they can visit their children in The Gambia and along do some volunteer work if they wish.

People do not come to the Gambia through our organisation just because of interesting places, culture, history, wildlife, the beaches or music …
Many want to visit The Gambia for volunteering with the locals. The children and adults you will meet are the ones who will make you enjoy this journey and never forget the beautiful moments spent with them.

It’s nice to be among people, listen to their stories, talk to them, drink their tea, dance with them, rejoice for no particular reason and simply be a part of their lives for a short time and make wonderful memories to stay with you forever. And come back for more of them because the Smiling coast will surely be inviting you always once you experience it.

If you want to join our mission, write to us at info@travelasvolunteer.com

Kids Are The World Organization

Travelling as a volunteer is offering you a great opportunity for volunteering on your holidays! We believe travel can change lives simply by linking ...
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