The Gambia behind the lens: Green Gambia

My Magazine 2022/06
38 min
No flights, it's expensive, everything is closed, it's always raining, and nothing is happening!

These are the most common five misconceptions about the green season in The Gambia!

The Gambia is a country in West Africa which welcomes you all year round. Every month, every season is special and unique. Many accommodation places, restaurants, shops and activities like surfing, fishing, kayaking, birdwatching, etc., are available all year round.

Travellers, tourists, volunteers, and groups, you are welcome from January until December.


Do you want to learn about misconceptions? Click HERE.

Many accommodation places have reduced prices from April to October.
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Our initial story is based on our long-term activities in the field of education, sustainable tourism and knowledge exchange. 
We live and breathe The Gambia and we are here to bring that experience to you. 
We intend to put The Gambia on a world tourism map as a destination, which can offer a wide range of sights, tastes, sounds and feelings.
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