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AFB Workspace: The best workspace solution

My Magazine 2022/06
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In 2012, Fatima Sillah Tandjane was afforded an opportunity to do her internship in Global Health at the Medical Research Center (MRC). Her internship lasted for about a year and then she went back to the States to complete her MPH degree. However, during that time she realized that the health system in The Gambia needs to be improved and the best way to do it is to train the health workers because they are essential for the delivery of health interventions in countries with low resources and inadequate health-worker performance is a very widespread problem.

She decided to register a NGO, Global Health Voices in Chicago. The goal of the NGO was to create an online forum and repository for healthcare workers in developing countries to post research work and discuss tropical diseases and provide information about diseases and other health problems for the general population to access and be informed about their health issues.

Additionally, to provide online trainings and volunteers to travel to The Gambia and provide trainings to healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, this did not work out because she had challenges with finding the right people in The Gambia to work with and keep it going. But, she still decided to come back to The Gambia because she wanted to make a difference and she knew she could make a difference.

First, she started doing voluntary work for the Ministry of Higher education. She was analyzing their data and also worked with them on a world bank project providing support to the world bank team to develop surveys and analyze the data and etc. 

She also worked with GIEPA and became an executive member of Business Developer Services (BDS)for SMEs in The Gambia. She wrote projects for the BDS to get fundings from UNDP, which was granted and it kick-started the BDS.

She got involved in many different projects to understand how things work here. Coming back to The Gambia was a tough decision for her but, it turned up to be one of the best decisions she has made.

She has an undergraduate degree in Marketing/Business Management and a dual master's in Business Administration and Public Health (MBA/MPH). Also, she has a training certificate in Allied Health, business development and project management. She says that she is a lifelong learner and she believes in continuous development and improvement.

Her knowledge and experiences from abroad have helped tremendously not only in The Gambia but within the continent. She has applied her knowledge and skills to innovate services that were not available in The Gambia. It has also helped her to build a consultancy firm that provides consulting services to foreign investors in The Gambia and in the continent.

As a woman entrepreneur, it is hard. You have to deal with so many challenges such as social expectations, struggling to be taken seriously and balancing business and family life, the list goes on. However, she has learned that being a successful businesswoman is remaining true to yourself and finding your own voice are the keys to rising above the hurdles women entrepreneurs experience.

Her 5 years plan and business goal is to build one of the best workspace in Africa!


In 2019 she established AFB Workspace in The Gambia which provides and supports workspace solutions that allow individuals and companies to work, however, wherever, and whenever they need.

Fully serviced office spaces allow more productivity—less overhead so if you are starting your new business and want to avoid the high cost of establishing a new office, AFB Workspace is a perfect solution.

AFB Workspace is available at three locations, Kairaba, Kotu and Brusubi and it offers everything you need to work effectively in a quiet and comfortable environment. Each location boasts fast Wi-Fi, a printer, a quiet environment, coffee and tea facilities, and professional and friendly staff.

If you are in need of a conference room for your meetings, AFB Workspace has your needs covered with a conference room for up to 12 people at the location in Kotu.

You can choose to book a coworking space for a day or rent a private office for the whole month. There are no lock-in contracts and no security deposits needed. All you have to do is to bring your laptop and start working. Everything else is taken care of.

Are you bounded to do some remote work while travelling? Check which location is closest to you and enjoy the flexible rates and professional service.

AFB Workspace offers membership which will bring you special benefits such as member’s discounts on services, access to any of the locations, features on the AFB Workspace website, and from four to ten hours of free access to a conference room per month and many networking opportunities.

With AFB Workspace, you don’t have to worry about the formalities of your business establishment.
Consultancy, support in establishing and formalising your startup, workspace at three different locations and virtual offices are just part of the services ensuring that your business journey becomes a success. 

They are flexible, affordable and accessible which is all that you were looking for your business. 

Welcome to AFB Workspace.

Kairaba Avenue
19 Kairaba Avenue,
GNIC Building, 3rd Floor
+220 7563864

Kotu, BB Highway
After Kotu Fire Service
+220 7973822

Brusubi Turntable
Next to NAWEC
+220 3201329

AFB Workspace

AFB Workspace provides and supports workspace solutions that allow individuals and companies to work, however, wherever, and whenever they need. ...
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