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Sparkle Beauty Salon: Micro-Needling

My Magazine 2022/06
4 min
We all wish to stay young forever. And as much as we cannot stop the time, we can slow down the ageing process. Sparkle Beauty Salon takes care of almost every vital part of your body to make you look fresh and sparkling. One of the therapies for rejuvenation they offer is micro-needling. Are you interested to know more?

Micro-needling is a cosmetic rejuvenation procedure that boosts collagen production. It involves punctuation of the very upper part of the skin with micro needles to increase collagen and elastin production in your skin, making it look firm, shiny, and young.

Micro-needling will improve skin elasticity and reduce scars, sun damage, stretch marks, fine lines and small wrinkles. This facial therapy also helps lower hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone (patches and dark spots appearing on the skin). It can reduce acne and even hair loss.

In Sparkle, micro-needling is done by aestheticians with many years of experience. The equipment and treatment area are always sterile and safe. Add on the soft and calming voice of Mariola and Dawn, and you will get the perfect combination for rejuvenation therapy.

To minimise the pain you might feel during the process, the aesthetician will put a good amount of numbing cream on your face to ensure you will not feel much discomfort.

Now the needling begins. A skin care specialist will use the pen with 12 microneedles to create micro penetration all over your face, adjusting the puncturing depth accordingly and checking on your feeling of pain. Although the puncturing boosts collagen production, some drops of collagen and hyaluronic acid will always be added to your skin to hydrate it well and make the pen run smooth. After the therapy, your skin will work on producing collagen by itself for the next 14 days.

The aesthetician will apply BB cream with the same procedure to brighten up your face and add some natural contour.

After working on all parts of the face, neck and décolleté, now is time for relaxation. A mask selected for your skin type will cool down irritation and hydrate your skin. With the ultrasonic boost to the face mask, the skin on your face and neck will look even more fresh and young.

A gentle massage concludes the whole therapy.

The puffiness and possible redness will disappear in one day, and your skin will look fresh, firm, shining, and sparkling.

You deserve to be treated like a queen or king. Make an appointment with Sparkle today and look younger tomorrow.



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