Tropic Garden Hotel - Sunday Buffet pool lunch

My Magazine 2022/06
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Tropic Garden Hotel is the perfect place to be at peace with yourself. Located in a superb and beautiful seafront area in Faraja, The Gambia, this hotel will impress you with the stunning view of the ocean and activities that it has to offer. Magical sunsets are part of the everyday experience at Tropic Garden Hotel, and evenings with beautiful lights and music can be so romantic!

The best way to spend a Sunday with your family is at Tropic Garden Hotel where activities such as table tennis, pool table, bouncy castle, and swimming are available. The venue offers a baby pool for minors and a bigger pool for adults. Visitors can enjoy upbeat music, creating a positive pool party atmosphere! Children will find the company of other peers to play with, and they will always be monitored by a lifeguard. And if you spend all day there, your children will be happy and entertained at the end of the day.

Ice-cold drinks will be served to you while you lounge on your sunbeds under umbrellas and enjoy the view of the pool with the beautiful surroundings, as well as some groovy African music that will make you want to get up on your feet and dance.

The self-service lunch is served from 1 pm to 4 pm and offers a wide selection of foods. Flavours are diverse, and we had the opportunity to try out some Italian food as well as Indian food on the same day, on the same plate. The food was delicious and carefully prepared – we had to keep going back for more!

Chicken Stroganoff, Mini Pizzas, Pasta, Roasted Beef, Baked Fish in Turmeric Sauce, Vegetable Fried Rice, Herby Potatoes, a range of Salads and dressings, along with Cakes and a Lemon & Mint cooler were all on the menu.

You can enjoy the meal of your choice and sit at the tables on the big terrace under the beautiful palm trees with birdhouses, accompanied by a cool and pleasant breeze and an endless view of the Atlantic Ocean.

If the activities make you hungry later, you can order food such as pizzas, fries, and spaghetti directly from the menu.

We absolutely recommend taking a walk down the stairs to the beachside to witness a breath-taking view, especially at sunset, and the hotel is perfectly maintained, inspiring you to take some beautiful photos.

The Pool Pass with lunch included costs D700 for adults, and D350 for children.

You can make your reservation by calling Tropic Garden Hotel on +2207910001.

Welcome to Tropic Garden Hotel, where you will enjoy a stress-free Sunday with lots of delicious foods and a variety of entertainment in a rather pleasant environment.

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