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My Magazine 2022/06
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I resumed my geocaching hobby in Switzerland during the Corona period. I was out and about somewhere almost every day. Saw beautiful places, wonderful places to be. And there were geocaches everywhere. I went to places I would never have gone. Have very nice conversations guided, with residents or even with other geocachers who were searching.

Geocaching is kind of an addiction, in a good way. You look at what cache you want to go for and go for it.

It is a type of treasure hunt that began to spread in the late 20th century. The hiding places are published on the Internet using geographic coordinates and can then be searched for using a GPS receiver, lately mostly with smartphone apps which made everything accessible and more popular.

A geocache is a container of some sort, usually hiding a treasure, a logbook, or even a surprise, depending on the previous visits of geocachers. The game is very popular in Europe, but who would think there are also many geocaches hiding in The Gambia?

Geocaching is a fun way of travel as it takes you to places mainstream tourists do not know. It can take you to the local shop, a sacred site, a restaurant, a family compound or in the middle of the forest. But it always ensures a nice experience different from the organized one.

Walks that previously had no destination are much more fun today. Geocaching alone is also fun, but making the area unsafe as a couple or in groups is the ultimate. Every week at some point, I'm out and about with a friend, climbing trees or descending streams; everything included. What I value most is the community, being outside, and, above all, experiencing something.

I learned to see and smell nature again. But to feel. And on top of all that, I do something for my health. 10 km hiking or walking is the order of the day. I'm much fitter than before.

I got almost all of the geocaches in The Gambia and meeting these local people was and is an enrichment.

Personally, I can only recommend geocaching. This hobby is suitable for everyone, whether children, teenagers or seniors.

I can only say happy caching.


By Conny

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