Beach of the month: Brufut Beach

My Magazine 2022/06
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Brufut Beach is an unspoilt little heaven stretching from Joseph Pelican Beach Bar to the fishing centre of Ghana Town. Among the quietest and most serene beaches in The Gambia, this is where you can pamper yourself with a relaxing day, cold and refreshing drinks at the small beach bars and the sound of the ocean mixed with the melodious singing of the colourful birds.

Compared to other beaches located closer to tourist concentrated areas, this place is quiet, and only a few people enjoy this beautiful beach. Few bars can be accessible by car, while others have parking spaces on the top of the hill.

One Love Beach Bar & Restaurant

Easily accessible by car or foot. The warmly painted little bar offers cold soft drinks and beers. You can also enjoy a variety of African dishes, fish & chips or chicken & chips.

One Love offers a few rooms for visitors who want to stay and enjoy the serenity of the beach. You can mount your tents as well and camp. They also have entertainment programs such as drumming and fire camping for groups. Sunbeds are available.

Contact: +220 3756930

Smile Gambia Beach Bar

Set below the red hills of Brufut. You can enjoy drinks and food at this place. They offer local Gamba dishes and a few international dishes. Sunbeds are also available.


A local beach bar made with palm front and woods lies among the huge baobab and palm trees offering ultimate relaxation in nature. 

Joseph Pelican 

It is located on the border where Brufut Heights ends and Brufut Beach begins. They offer cold drinks and food with sunbeds. It is accessible through Brufut Heights passing Pontus Beach Bar.

Ghana Town Fishing Village 

Brufut Beach also has a small fishing centre where the community of Brufut sell fish. You can organize a fishing day with your friends and enjoy a grill on the beach. The perfect way to spend your day.

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