Traditional Dish Recipe: Domoda

My Magazine 2022/06
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Domoda is a Mandinka traditional dish, a delicious groundnut stew mixed with spices, meat (chicken or fish) and vegetables. It is a very famous food in The Gambia and Senegal. If prepared less spicy, it is also the number one choice for many visitors of The Gambia.




Spring onion

Peanut butter

Seasonings (black pepper, Maggi and lemon)

Vegetables (tomato, bitter tomato, carrot, potato, hot pepper)

Tomato paste



The first thing is to season the chicken with salt, vinegar, and mustard if that favours your taste. Then all ingredients, garlic, onion, spring onions, hot pepper to the taste and tomatoes, must be cut into small pieces and pounded. 

Next is to prepare the peanut butter by adding water and mixing it until it is smooth and diluted. The mixture needs to be sieved to remove possible remains of the sand or peanut shells. 


Fry the chicken and remove it aside. Then put the pounded ingredients and stir fry it. After some minutes, add the peanut butter mixture, tomato paste, whole vegetables and chicken and let it simmer until the sauce becomes thick and the oil appears on the top.


When cooked, serve it with white rice.

Note: there are many different ways of preparing the domoda, and it can vary in the selection of meat, vegetables and some parts of the cooking method. 

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