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Gambia Women Business Club & IN·US

My Magazine 2022/06
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On Thursday, the 9th of June, there was another fantastic women’s business meeting organised by Gambia Women Business Club in collaboration with IN US. The meeting was held at Coco Ocean Resort & Spa.

This meeting was special because a group of Austrian and German businesswomen joined Gambian-based businesswomen for networking. In the first part of the meeting, all women introduced themselves and their businesses. Then they continued to network in the lovely venue in Coco Ocean Resort & Spa beach restaurant.

The intention of the Club is for Gambian women and women of the international community in the Gambia to create a tool together for a simple networking system, which will enable an exchange of information, skills, knowledge and experiences between local and foreign women.

The Smiling Coast is otherwise known as ethnically very diverse, with a rich cultural heritage, cuisine, art, dance, and music. People in this beautiful small land have different knowledge, talents, and abilities. The club intends to bridge international and national entrepreneurs and create a platform where women can benefit from various workshops, guest speakers, presentations, and networking activities.

You are welcome if you are a female entrepreneur and want to join our group.

Click HERE, answer the questions, and join.

Thank you IN·US for your collaboration!  


IN∙US is a network of freedom-loving people who feel called to work together as international entrepreneurs and to create the luxury of a new qualit...
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