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Tune In: Kuts

My Magazine 2022/11
12 min
When you visit a restaurant to eat or drink, you want to listen to relaxed, soothing music that doesn't punch your ears. You are there to enjoy the food and the restaurant's ambience. Have you walked into Saffron, Yasmina or Vineyard and heard live music playing but thought it was a radio? It happened to us, My Gambia team, and we are pleased to tell you more about the person behind the piano and his talent.

His name is Ebrahima Ceesay, but he is known as Kuts. The nickname was given to him in childhood because of his cute looks; in pidgin English, Kuts means cute. Kuts loved playing soccer when he was young, but he had to stop because of a fracture he sustained on his knee. It was in 1982 that his dream of becoming a footballer had to be left behind. He slowly started to build an interest in music, and the first professional instrument he played was the guitar. Kuts described his journey of learning the guitar as self-taught. After a while, a friend gifted him a piano he needed to learn how to play. A dream inspired Kuts, and he started exploring the piano's keys when he woke up. Slowly producing sound, it took a long time to get it right.

Kuts describes his style of music as disciplined. During the time of playing with the band, they were taught to go down with the volume. The events they played in were diplomatic, so it was a demand to have the music as low and soothing as possible. This is where he learned to play and sing with his heart.


Kuts is also a sound producer recording and producing songs for others. He is a songwriter and composer; most of the songs he sings during his performance are his, but he also does covers of other artists too. He plays a variety of Music genres ranging from jazz, blues, funk, pop, R&B and country.

You can see that Mr Ceesay always enjoys when performing. He plays from his heart and ensures that his audience is happy whenever they watch or listen to him playing.

˝When I am playing, and people smile at me, and I smile to them back - is giving back.˝

You can catch Kuts playing at Yasmina Resto Bar every Tuesday, Saffron Spice Kitchen every Thursday and Saturday and Vineyard Multicuisine every Friday and Sunday, from 8 pm to 10 pm.

His message to the viewers and readers was ˝Live a good life and be happy˝.

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