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Kankurang Festival 2023 Package

My Magazine 2022/11
3 min
The sixth Kankurang Festival in Janjanbureh is scheduled from the 27th to the 29th of January, 2023. We will for sure be there. Will you join us?

One of the most unique and colourful festivals in The Gambia is inviting you to taste the unique cultural expression of the Kankurang and other masking traditions of West Africa and get an insight into an intangible authentic cultural heritage. It is a great opportunity not only to be present at the festival but also to explore village life, history, wildlife, and the culture of the Janjanbureh and surrounding areas. 

Central River Region hides many treasures, and joining My Gambia on a trip to Janjanbureh will allow you to experience the cultural highlights, visit the local community, and take a boat trip to Baboon Island. You can put a stone and make a wish in the Stone Circles in Wassu and learn about the history and culture of Janjanbureh. 

Trip highlights

  • Kankurang Festival 2023: join the day parade through the city and emerge in the mystical night performances by kankurang, hunting devil, zimbas, kumpo and other masks representing the culture of various ethnic groups
  • Janjanbureh city tour: Learn about sacred baobabs, mysteries of kankurang, the history of the island and the skills of a silversmith. 
  • Boat trip to Baboon Island: a two-hour journey on the river Gambia will allow you to enjoy the beautiful nature and spot different colourful birds, chimpanzees and maybe even a hippo or two!
  • Jamali Village: What does life in the Fula village look like? How do they live, cook, and farm? Where do they shop, and how do they know to dance so well? 
  • Wassu Stone Circles: Learn more about The Gambian Stonehenge, the magnificent monolithic remains from the period between the 3rd century BC and the 16th century AD. 

This is the right place to be if you want to experience the unique feel of traditional displays combined with an unforgettable journey.

It is all based on responsible tourism, which offers fair dispersal of the economic benefit to all included in the trip. It also expects the visitors to stay unobtrusive and learn about the cultural differences while respecting them.

Price per person: GMD16.200 / €270  (min. 10 pax - departure confirmed)

Price includes transportation, accommodation (2 nights), breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (3), tips, entrance fees, boat trip, city tour, festival ticket, guidance, and community contributions.

Send an e-mail to to book your space, or call 7912618


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