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Behind the lens: Galloya

My Magazine 2022/11
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Galloya is the village where authentic architecture joins with abstract street art.

Abstract graffitis were accomplished by well-known international artists, who were part of a project named Wide Open Walls to promote peace and respect as well as to create a one-of-a-kind village in Africa that would attract tourists and support the local community through it. The intercultural project started in 2010, when one of the founders of Makasutu Nature Reserve, Lawrence Williams, joined forces with respected Gambian artist Njogou Touray to enlive the area. Artists from around the world visited The Gambia and added their artistic contributions through their graffiti and paintings on the walls of the homes and communal buildings in the village.

Sickboy, Know Hope, Xenz, Tika, David Shillinglaw, She One, Jim Sanders, RUN, Remi Rough, ROA, Remed, Mysterious Al, Lucy McLauchlan, INSA, Rimon Guimaraes, Eelus, Bushdwellers, Broken Crow and Best Ever are artists who portrayed scenes and motives from their perception of The Gambia and intending to promote peace and unity.

Today, the project continues through initiatives of the young artists from Galloya, students of the famous Njogou. The community is proud of the murals of their village and is supportive of the idea, as new requests for paintings of the walls are being brought to the alkalo all the time.

Visit Galloya with us and attend a painting workshop with Musa and Amadou. Leave your artistic signature on one of the walls of Galloya. Contact us and let us arrange everything for you. 

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