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Volunteer at the nursery school

My Magazine 2022/11
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Travelling with a purpose is a different way of travelling. It is a combination of volunteering or study and responsible tourism. It is an exchange of knowledge, a broadening of horizons, and a marvellous experience. It offers you the opportunity to get to know a new culture up close and be involved in the local environment. It allows you to gain new knowledge, be reminded about forgotten values, and feel that you are part of a movement that aims to improve people's lives.

The Volunteer Trails program is favourable to diversity, so it is suitable for volunteers of all generations, nationalities and areas of interest. Whether you are a high school student, university student, employed, unemployed, or retired, if you want to travel alone, with a group of friends or new people, with a partner or with your family, this program is the right choice for you. Do you have no experience or specific knowledge? Don't worry. Special qualifications are not required, although a basic understanding of English is needed. However, we look for personal traits such as independence, ingenuity, patience, and interest in sharing knowledge with young ones to help you with your daily work.


Although Volunteer Trails offer voluntary work in many different fields, the one we put most of our effort into is education. You can join us as a volunteer to assist the teachers in our Nursery School in Brufut, Ghana Town. This program is perfect for anyone who likes working with children and wants to work in a lively atmosphere that doesn't lack ideas for educational yet fun activities. As a teacher's assistant, you will help a group of children in the class who need more attention to better grasp the knowledge and prepare occasional creative workshops, which you will carry out with the help of a class teacher.

The volunteering program should last at least two weeks, but the longer you stay, the better and more efficient your impact will be. If you want to join only for a day, you are also welcome to do so. You can join us anytime during the school year (except during the school holidays).

Kids are the World Nursery School is located in Brufut, a village about half an hour from the main tourism area. Most children in the town do not have an opportunity for regular schooling but always desire new knowledge. Activities you will carry out are storytelling, sports, outdoor games, playing on instruments, singing, learning about letters, numbers and basics of the English language, and any other learning activity that can be done with the equipment and materials available in the centre. You should use your resourcefulness, adaptability and originality to design and form new activities you plan to perform with children aged between 4 and 7. Most of these children do not have anybody in their home environment that would have time or sufficient knowledge to teach them (e.g. English language), so your help would be highly appreciated.

The work takes place during the workweek, from 9 am to 1 pm. The rest of the time is your free time. You can decide to relax or enjoy the beach or let us suggest activities and educational tours for you to discover and explore the country.

There are many things to do and see in The Gambia; braiding your hair, visiting a local market, taking drumming or dancing classes, kayaking, swimming, fishing, going to church, and visiting the craft market being just a few of them. Weekends are perfect for exploring the country. With our selection of responsible trips and tours, you will discover the southern, northern or inner parts of The Gambia. And could even travel to Senegal.

Accommodation offered is a shared room with an ensuite bathroom (max 3 guests) in a family home with a pool. The location of the place is just next to the main road, which makes it easier to organise transport to work and back. The place is secure and provides a basic level of comfort. The organisation's members are always present to provide information or help you plan your free time activities. If you want to join in as a volunteer but prefer to stay in a hotel or lodge, we can prepare the tailor-made program for you.

After applying for the volunteer work, our team will contact you to have a short interview, get to know you better and learn about your understanding of the work. We will provide you with many information and online preparatory activities. We will be there for you if you have any questions during your preparation process.

Travelling with a purpose benefits both sides. Be sure, by the end of this journey; you might even feel you got more than you gave back. You will learn about a new country and culture by living and socialising with locals, making new friends, trying local food and experiencing local habits, gaining independence in a foreign country, assisting yourself and others, exchanging intercultural knowledge, achieving a higher level of social awareness and responsibility, gaining international volunteering experience, improving English skills, and learning basic phrases in some of the local languages.

With your way of travel, you will contribute not only to the small local community and children you will be working with but also to the shopkeepers, taxi drivers, fruit sellers, local guides, communities involved in trips, artisans and every single person, from who you will directly or indirectly render services.

Travel. Share. Accept. Impact. 


Volunteer Trails

With the heritage of making a change in The Gambia for the past 12 years, Volunteer Trails is the creation of a new vision that will improve the quali...
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