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Rendezvous Steak House and Cafe officially opened

My Magazine 2022/11
2 min
Anton, the grillmaster from the Netherlands, gained quite a reputation in The Gambia. Many know him for his grilling skills, which his friends and family first recognised. His hobby and passion quickly became a business idea when he bought a smoker and started to attend food festivals in the Netherlands. He became very famous for his food, which impressed his friend so much that he suggested opening a restaurant in The Gambia.

So, he went to The Gambia, fell in love with the people, and opened Kasumai BBQ and Steakhouse. He decided to offer something unique on the market. Now Anton's grilled specialities are available in a new location, more accessible, with bigger parking space. The previous Rendezvous Resto transformed into a Steak House, filling fans of Anton's meat grilling skills with satisfaction as delicious smoked ribs, tomahawks and briskets are back in the game.

On the opening night, the restaurant was bursting at the seams. Judging by the faces, everybody enjoyed brisket on a potato salad, lamb chops with wedges and green pepper sauce, smoked salmon on a fennel salad, and special - ribeye with grilled vegetables and chipotle sauce.

Rendezvous Grill Steak House and Cafe is open from 8 am to 12 pm with an extensive menu that will satisfy meat lovers, as well as sworn vegetarians. Top breakfast choice, dainty sandwiches, innovative soups, rich salads, tasty burgers, classical pizzas, day catch seafood, sweet desserts and of course, best quality meat specials prooves, Rendezvous can cater for all your needs.




Don't miss their "all-you-can-eat Thursday's Rib Night" with delicious pork spare ribs prepared in American BBQ Smoker. It is slow and low, which means ribs are smoked indirectly from the fire on the smoker's other side. Soft and yummy ribs are rubbed in homemade pork powder, then glazed in their homemade BBQ sauce, sweet or spicy. If you are not a pork lover, they also have beef ribs, just as tender and served with BBQ sauce. You get 50% extra for pork ribs takeaway on a Thursday night.

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