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Traditional Dish Recipe: Plasas

My Magazine 2022/11
3 min
Plasas is a common dish prepared in The Gambia. It is healthy and full of proteins. It can be prepared in different ways, with potato or cassava leaves. This time, we prepared it with pota-to leaves.


  • Potato Leaves
  • Meet
  • Smoked fish 
  • Peanut powder
  • Locust beans
  • Smoke Stingray fish
  • Seasoning cube
  • Spring onion
  • Hot pepper 
  • Bitter tomato
  • Palm oil



First, wash the meat and steam it. While waiting for the meat to steam, start cutting potato leaves into slices. When cut, wash it and add it to the still-steaming meat. Add the peanut powder, bitter tomato and hot pepper. While cooking, pound hot pepper, locust beans and spring onion. It is time to wash smoked stingray fish and add it to the mixture. When the water evaporates, add pounded ingredients to the mixture and mix it. Wait for a few minutes, and add the palm oil, smoked fish, seasoning cube and salt.

Serve plasas with the rice, and enjoy!

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