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Weather in November

My Magazine 2022/11
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The weather becomes more inviting in November since humidity slowly decreases and the temperatures rise. Rainy days are ending, and the sea temperatures are pleasantly high.

November is the last month of autumn and is the month in which the Gambia is coming to the dry season, which brings dry heat and decreases rainfall to the minimum. In November, up to 3 rainy days can occur, bringing up to 5 mm of rain.

The average daily temperatures are 27°C, with the peak at 31°C and fall at 20°C and less. Because of the dry air and lack of wind, the real feel temperatures are above 40°C, especially in direct sunlight, where it can reach a bit below 50°C. The sun is most powerful from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are up to 10 hours of sunshine a day and the total length of the day is more than 11 hours. There is no need to mention extra sun protection is necessary since the sun can cause quick burns and skin damage. Also very important is constant hydration.

Sea temperatures are at the highest, so it is the perfect time to enjoy your swimming for a longer time without feeling cold. Also, it is an ideal time for other sports activities.

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