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He loves tennis more than anything

My Magazine 2022/11
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Musa Sidibeh is a tennis player and coach who started playing tennis at the young age of 7. For Musa, living in a country where people's favourite sport is football was a motivation to shift to the sport, which is only played by a few.

Living in Bakau, New Town and being close to the Bakau Stadium was the advantage that made it easier for him to get involved and be trained by various local and international coaches from The Gambia Tennis Association and International Tennis Federation, which were holding their training there.

Today, Musa provides tennis coaching for residents and visitors to The Gambia. He is always active at the tennis court of the Senegambia Hotel or The Fajara Club. He provides training from junior to senior level and is always ready to play a tennis match with whoever is searching for an opponent.

Coaching children is one of his favourite parts of the job. He also enjoys socialising and connecting with local and international people.

His biggest achievements are winning a few tournaments at the junior level and reaching the quarter-final at the 2022 Gambia Open Tennis Championship. His dream is to play with top players like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic one day.

Musa, who also loves football, running and spending time with friends, is a genuine and open person who enjoys coaching more than anything.

If you are looking for a tennis coach or a partner to play a match, he will be happy to welcome you to one of the tennis courts.

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