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Interview with the managing director of APS

My Magazine 2022/11
9 min
Whether you are a Gambian living in the diaspora with a family in your home country or having friends or family in The Gambia, you can always count on APS International to send support to your loved ones fast, reliably and discreetly. We are pleased to get a chance to speak with Mr Ceesay, the managing director of APS International from the UK, while on his business travel to The Gambia.

APS International is unique in different ways, and its services are second to none. Every person who has used any of the many services of APS International has become a loyal customer. Because of their hardworking and dedicated staff, they serve their customers with pride. Their inextinguishable drive for clients' satisfaction is one thing that makes them stand out in The Gambia.

APS invests heavily in modern technology to ensure customers worry less and save time by using their web portal and mobile app. This year, they launched their new Money Transfer App, and they continue to upgrade to be soon able to provide an app also for the residents of The Gambia.

APS operates in 17 countries and is looking to expand into many more countries worldwide. They have nationwide coverage in every little corner of The Gambia, from Kartong to Koina, accessible to all.

You can use the APS money remittance service to send money to The Gambia and Nduga or Top Up service to send credit or cash to your loved ones here.

The holiday cash is a service designed for holidaymakers travelling to the Gambia. It allows sending money to yourself from your international bank account whilst on holiday, which saves you from carrying physical cash abroad and bad exchange rates at the ATM. You will enjoy the same rate as you would in your country of residence.

For sending money within the Gambia, APS provides the JOTNA SI service. Gambian residents can also enjoy a range of microfinance services by opening current, savings and/or salary accounts.

By using any of APS services, you empower livelihood in The Gambia. APS team is thanking their loyal customers and promises they will continue to endeavour to innovate and serve you well.

APS International

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries offering FAST, RELIABLE,...
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