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Viajes National Geographic in The Gambia

My Magazine 2022/09
1 min
My Gambia, with Ninki Nanka Encounters, and with the support from GTB and our partners, hosted a visit of a journalist and photographer of a Spanish Viajes National Geographic to explore what The Gambia has to offer to the travellers.

We were eager to welcome them as The Gambia is unknown on the world tourism map to the extent we wish for. To learn more about the cultures of the Fula, Mandinka, and Jola, and experience village life, Lucia and Adrian embarked on an exploration journey to the remote villages along our Ninki Nanka Trail, then lastly spoilt themselves in the comfortable embrace of Coco Ocean and enjoyed in the delicious food of our partners Yasmina, Saffron, Vineyard and also in Gusto and Cassy's Lounge. 

Here are some glimpses from their tour. We are anxious to read about The Gambia in Viajes National Geographic soon!

Ready for your own experience of the Ninki Nanka Trail? Contact us, and we will arrange everything for you. 

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