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Creating a magical world: Security

My Magazine 2022/09
7 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
In recent years, people in Western society in particular have become increasingly diverse, and individual lifestyles are coming to the fore. At every point of existence, people usually have a wealth of options. Actually, this multitude of possibilities is a great enrichment, but today we clearly feel that it is not great joy that prevails, but the fear of making the wrong choice. Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard stated early on: "Nothing frightens us as much as the freedom to decide for ourselves. For not only can we make a choice - we must!"

Whether in work, in family life or in our leisure time, in Western countries we are spoilt for choice in all of these fields! But if we commit ourselves, could there be anything better? People can’t get this question or worry out of their minds. The feeling of not making full use of one's possibilities inhibits one's ability to make decisions enormously. The people are afraid of not making the perfect choice. Questions, such as “Am I good enough?”, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Can I do it and do I want the right thing?” are constantly in the air, the fear of doing something wrong lurks everywhere. Exhaustion is the result and the need to hand over responsibility and freedom of decision has increased. The need for security and connectedness in a group are thus increasingly a major issue in western society. The development of the welfare state, which is there for everyone in an emergency and saves them in times of crisis, has not only its good side. People have lost their independence as a result, especially in the western world. People now rely too much on others, do not take full responsibility for their own lives. But there is no such thing as a life full of security, not even in a welfare state. 

The change

Globalisation, liberalisation and digitalisation bring more freedom and prosperity, but at the same time these are also the factors that will bring on next big change. The entire world is in total upheaval and change is happening at all levels. What used to convey security can now be total risk. New values are coming to the fore and as a result, new framework conditions are emerging that provide us with security. We all need to rethink, to embrace the unknown and the new. This is the only way we can survive change well. Stability used to be the basis for a feeling of security and safety, today flexibility and adaptability are the keywords for feeling secure. Opening up and leaving one's comfort zone now form the basis for a secure future; confidence in one's abilities, faith in one's own personality are fundamental in order to emerge strengthened from the upheaval. The most important thing is to face fear and gain distance. Fear can only be conquered by publicly acknowledging it and enduring it. Those who have the courage to face fear and thus perceive new possibilities find hope that things can be better in the future and that new opportunities will arise.

The new world is full of opportunities

New opportunities and unique offers are thus emerging everywhere, including here in the Gambia. Great pioneering work is being done to implement change here in the country in a positive way. In the area of health, a new awareness is developing, there are more offers for sports and sustainable body care. Mindfulness is also growing in matters of nutrition, and more emphasis is being placed on quality and comfort in the design of personal living space. In particular the last point is important for our feeling of safety and security. We need a stable basis to be able to discover the world with joy, this is exactly what we want to offer people with our new and innovative IN∙US project development here in the Gambia: a safe home from which people can embark on the adventure of life.

“The Edge“ at Kasumai Resort

We are launching our construction site on Bijilo beach in the Gambia in autumn, with a focus on sustainable quality and carefree longevity.  The exclusive apartment complex with only 27 units is an extended offer of the existing and very well-known Kasumai Hotel. High-quality materials, modern design and well thought-out and sustainable planning according to European standards set new standards in Gambian building technology. Future-oriented technologies, such as an in-house photovoltaic system supplemented with additional saltwater batteries for storage, a groundwater well for free water supply and easy access by means of two lifts, ensure sustainable cost reduction in ongoing operation and barrier-free access even in later years. A green investment, promising and unique!

Thanks to the high quality of construction, real estate here in the Gambia is increasingly becoming a safe and profitable investment. Especially in the western world, one often hears the term "concrete gold" in connection with real estate, a term that makes clear how popular the acquisition of residential property is for us humans. This longing for security and safety can be satisfied very well. Investors can use their own home, feel comfortable and secure in it, and after several years they won’t have to pay rent, important in old age. Equally, they can also utilise a property as an investment and rent it out to a tenant. For this, especially in Africa, a still rather undiscovered market in the world, high returns can still be achieved now. While the real estate market elsewhere in the world is already quite keyed up and in a bubble, we still have the chance here to build up a safe value for the future.

Security through the community

Where people feel safe, there is investment; where there is investment, there is progress and thus also prosperity. Quality and sustainability form the basis for this. We are now at the turning point of change and can decide whether we follow the path of Europe and thus leave people here with the fear of making the wrong choice as well behind, or whether we follow completely new possibilities here in the Gambia that give people the feeling of a secure base and as a result they can then let go, discover their personal potential and let it fully blossom. Just as we as European project developers have overcome the hurdle of the new and unknown, everyone can stretch their own boundaries. We have immersed ourselves in the wonderful country of the Gambia and are now able to develop our potential with our work and thus implement sustainable projects that are valuable for the country and its people. You have to experience the Gambia for yourself to feel what the future holds there, a future that is free from fear and offers everyone the security that individuals need. Providing a secure base and contributing to a sustainable development, that is our core competence, deciding for it and taking advantage of the opportunities here in the country is up to you as an individual. In any case, we are happy about every single person who dares to take the leap into the new and knows how to use the opportunity of the time for herself/himself!

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

We already proved 10 years ago that European construction quality and a sustainable planning concept can be easily implemented in the Gambia. Leo's Beach Hotel in Brufut Heights is a unique oasis in the middle of the Gambia, full of quality and clarity. Thoughtful planning, high-quality building materials and the use of technology make this small boutique hotel very special. Due to the structural overshadowing of the windows and the cross-ventilation of the rooms that is possible everywhere, the energy consumption for cooling is greatly reduced. The hotel's own PV system and a groundwater well make it independent of the public grid. The building fabric is still completely intact even after 10 years, as expertise from Austria was used for the foundations and attention was paid to appropriate quality in the implementation. The constant renovation work that is so common in Africa is not necessary here and guests can therefore always enjoy a smooth hotel stay and be pampered by the extremely courteous and well-trained service staff. I may therefore congratulate the two owners, Nina and Luis, on their small and very fine recreational oasis here in the Gambia. Also visit and try the excellent restaurant of the wonderful hotel and see for yourself that with the appropriate know-how high quality construction is possible in the Gambia!


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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