Street Food: Roasted Corn

My Magazine 2022/09
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September is one of the first months in the year to catch and taste this delicious yet simple street food. Mboq bulaka is the thing you are looking for! Available at almost every street corner is a very popular snack amongst young and old.

Roasted corn is prepared by ladies roasting it on a local charcoal grill. Although you can find it here and there throughout the year, the best one is in September, October and November because corn pods come from the corn seed in the rainy season; therefore, it has the best growing conditions. Later or sooner in the year, corn has to be watered to grow, but the taste is nothing similar to the young pods of corn roasted on the gentle smell of charcoal during the transition from the rainy to the dry season. 

The street price varies on the size of the corn pod. You would pay from 15 to 30 dalasis for one piece.

In the Gambia, the other trendy way to prepare corn is by boiling it and adding a little salt and butter. This way is preferred by those who don't like getting their teeth, mouth and hands black from the charcoal and roast.

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