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Tune In: Nima Suso

My Magazine 2022/09
12 min
Nima Suso is a Gambian Afro manding singer, born and raised in a griot family. Suso family have a long-standing history in traditional Gambian Music and West Africa. Just like the Kuyateh, Kanuteh and Jorbateh, Suso is also strong Mandinka family name that plays a significant role in oral history. Music was part of Nima's childhood training; when she was eight years old, she had already begun to master traditional singing techniques. She had already started backing her aunt Kumba Kuyateh.

In her early twenties, she moved to Mali, where she learnt authentic manding music. In 2015, she started as a back vocalist for Sidiki Jorbarteh, one of Mali's most excellent musicians and a kora player. Two years later, she became Sidiki's father, Tumani Jorbarteh's back vocalist. Then her life aspiration shifted when she met her source of inspiration Fatim Jorbarteh. Nima became Fatim's back vocalist after Tumani Jorbarteh. Through Fatim's motivation and encouragement, she released her first song, dubbed Ela kano, in August 2022.

Ela Kano is Nima's debut song. She is working on releasing more hits for her fans in the near future.

Nima is versatile in her work. Her music is unique among Gambian afro manding musicians because she went and studied the music from its roots, Mali. She brings out the authenticity in this genre of music as a Gambian.

Aside from music Nima's other hobby is playing basketball. She played basketball during her school days and has represented her school in basketball matches.

Nima's five years vision is to tour the world and promote afro-manding music. To achieve this, she is working hard to improve her skills and ensure that she delivers the best for her audience.

Nima's concluded the interview with a message calling for peace in the world.

Let's maintain peace, love and care about each other because one man's peace is another man's peace. Let us keep the peace we have to have a better world.

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