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SLG: Gambia's Leading NGO for Road Safety

My Magazine 2022/09
5 min
Author: Dawda Bah
Save Life Gambia (SLG) is officially registered in Banjul, The Gambia, as a national not-for-profit and nongovernmental youth-led organisation for road safety under the Attorney General Chambers, Banjul, in March 2018.

The organisation is a combination of a group of young people from various backgrounds who are passionate about road safety from the comprehensive realm covering accidents scenes; aiding road survivors with pre-hospital care support, spreading awareness and helping the United Nations achieve the 50% reduction of road traffic accidents and the SDG 3.6. The initiative has highly dedicated, passionate, and committed young professionals across the country. 

Save Life Gambia was founded to help the government and authority efforts reduce the disturbing road traffic crashes in The Gambia. Road accidents being an everyday national health problem in The Gambia, our initiative aims to be a key force in raising awareness of road safety and advocating for the needs of residents in The Gambia.

Our areas of operation centre on providing road safety education for schools; we design and implement road safety improvement and develop cost-effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness, and skills amongst all road users. We also reach out to the media, corporates, and the community to solicit their support to prevent the colossal waste of human life on Gambian roads and lobby sound approaches to the government to create political will and help improve the road safety situation in the country. 

Since our inception in early 2018, Save Life Gambia has been on the front line to combat road traffic crashes in The Gambia. We have already delivered road safety education to about 23,000 children and students country-wide. We also reached out to several communities on road safety dialogues. 

Road traffic accident in The Gambia is not only an actual crime but increasing at an alarming rate. It is a major development issue and a growing contributor to fatalities next to malaria and other noncommunicable diseases, and therefore needs addressing as such.


Dawda Bah
Founder and Executive Director of SLG
Dawda Bah was born and brought up in the coastal community of Tujereng village in Kombo South District, West Coast Region of The Gambia. As a founder and executive director, Bah is a trained sports journalist and road safety activist currently campaigning for safer roads in The Gambia through the "Save Life Gambia" organisation. In 2018, Dawda was invited by the Kingdom of Morocco to represent the voices of Gambian youth at the 1st African Road Safety Forum held in Marrakech, Morocco. Bah is also involved with many other social and volunteer organisations that try to help create proactive citizens. He aims to make a society where there will be no grief and sorrow. He wants all to get their basic needs and live the better life that they deserve. He believes that youth have the power to change society; therefore, he is working to make an empowered youth society that can serve the nation best.

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