Beach of the month: Tujereng Beach

My Magazine 2022/09
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The Tujereng beach is a true paradise that should be praised in all its glory. The serene beach bordered by lush forest is found in the south of The Gambia, 45 minutes away from the Senegambia area. Tujereng beach is a wide beach stretching from Suu Beray Beach Bar around Tanji to the border of Sanyang beach. With few beach bars and accommodation places around, this makes it the most suitable place to be if you are looking for a retreat on the beach away from the noisy areas.

This beach is suitable for camping, yoga retreats, surfing, sports or exercise, chill-out picnics and BBQ on the beach.




Sweet Paradise Beach Bar

Just like the name implies, it is a cosy place where you can relax on the beach while enjoying birds singing and the sound of the sea. It is a five-minute walk from the main road, crossing the red hilly path down to the small meander river that takes you to the beach. Sweet paradise also offers a room for those who want to stay on the beach. Because of the high demand, they will soon be extending with more rooms. You can enjoy famous Gambia delicacies, seafood and chicken with chips. They also have soft drinks, juice and beer to offer.


Famagi Music Beach Bar and Restaurant

Famagi is a five-minute walk heading south from the Sweet Paradise Beach Bar. It presents a simple décor giving out a relaxing vibe. They offer soft drinks and beers. You can also buy all the famous Gambian dishes here. Enjoy your day on bamboo sun beds with cool music or traditional Gambian instruments.



Terubi Beach Bar and Restaurant

Terubi is a tranquil and beautiful place where couples, friends and family can have a relaxing moment. The beach bar is right next to Famagi. It is the most famous beach bar in Tujereng. It is a locally known go-to place for picnics, birthday celebrations, beach parties and couples' romantic dates. They offer chicken, fish or shrimp with chips. Beers are available, as well as soft drinks and juices of different flavours. They also provide surfing boards for people who enjoy surfing on the beach.


House of The Rising Sun

B&B guesthouse offers nine bedrooms offering relaxing stays for your holiday. The house is a two-minute walk from the beach. The roof terrace has fantastic views of the sea.

Photo by House of the Rising Sun

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