Trip of the month: Relax by the river

My Magazine 2022/09
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Whilst you enjoy the sunny beaches of the coastal part of The Gambia, don't forget to consider travelling up the country to enjoy a day, two or three by the mighty river Gambia. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the quiet natural environment or get busy with exploring and recreation activities, we can offer you a perfect suggestion of where to go.

In less than a 2-hour drive from the Senegambia region, you can change the busy environment for a peaceful embrace of nature by the river. You will already be enjoying the way there since you can witness the genuine scenery of the Gambia.

The best way to start your day is to have breakfast or just a coffee or tea on the terrace of Bintang Bolong Lodge. After breakfast, you have several options.

If you want a completely relaxed day, you can just enjoy the scenery and nature, read a book, relax on the cosy sun beds and enjoy peace and quiet.

You can explore the Bintang Village and meet some locals, who will be happy to show you around and even share some mystery stories and legends about the place and river.

You can take a boat trip and explore the river world surrounded by mangroves. There is also much to see for the birdwatchers. You might even spot a crocodile or some lizards living close to the river.


Another piece of heaven you will find in the Kassagne Village. The moment you enter AbCa's Creek Lodge, you will feel like you are in another world. Many different corners to relax in, and the pleasant scenery of the river mangroves is waiting for you.

Here you can select from a wide range of local or international food, but you might like the place so much that you will even decide on a sleepover in a classical room or treehouse.

There are many things to do at AbCa's. If you don't like river adventures, you can decide on a bush walk, bike ride, or exploring jeep tour around the village. If you want to mingle with the people from the village or do some home cooking, you are welcome to do so.


Do you want to spend a day or two by the river? 

Let us know when you want to go, and we will organise everything for you: transportation, local guide, meals, boat trip and anything else you wish. Send e-mail to

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