AFB Workspace gives 10% discount to our readers

My Magazine 2022/09
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In need of an office space? AFB has all your essential needs covered, taking all the stress of looking for workspace, equipping and setting up your own working space. To all followers of My Gambia and readers of My Magazine, they are offering a 10% discount from the 15th of September till the 15th of October.


How does it work?

Book their service in Kairaba, Kotu or Brusubi through a phone call, message, email or webpage. The discount is valid for hourly, weekly, or monthly services! Book a table in a co-working space, reserve your private office for a day or month or book a conference room. Tell the receptionist you read about the special promotion in My Gambia Magazine to get a discount. 

More productivity. Less overhead. AFB Workspace. 

AFB Workspace

AFB Workspace provides and supports workspace solutions that allow individuals and companies to work, however, wherever, and whenever they need. ...
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