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Roumieh Business Lounge

My Magazine 2022/08
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Did you know that you can enjoy the VIP lounge services at the Banjul International Airport? Suppose you want to conclude your travel or business gathering in The Gambia in style, waiting for your flight in the cooled-down area with comfortable sitting options while taking a nap or making the last call online with your family or friends. In that case, you are welcome to the Roumieh Lounge.

Take the elevator up and enter the roomy, relatively new lounge, which offers a variety of seating options, including comfortable sofas, workstations, and even lounge recliners for those who want to take a little nap or just unwind before boarding your flight.  The vast spaces give you sufficient privacy, and the elegant service ensures you are not disturbed. 

Business and First-Class passengers have free access, with various lounge access cards being accepted. In contrast, the lounge is accessible for an affordable fee, including all their amenities, two drinks, and a snack. 

The food and drink services are simple and affordable. Enjoy your coffee, tea, soft drink, or spirited beverage. Wi-Fi is provided, and smokers have direct access to a smoking room from the lounge. Sufficient power stations to charge your phones and computers are conveniently located, with universal sockets for two-or three-pin plugs. 

Make your wait for the boarding comfortable and undisturbed. Enjoy the privacy of a VIP salon with a perfect view of a landing lane. 

Call or WhatsApp 214 0000 or send an email to to book your VIP lounge for your comfortable departure.

You can also decide on a special VIP Departure package with Services Plus combining Roumieh Lounge access with verification of travel documentation, welcome at the airport entrance, baggage assistance, fast track to airport security fees payment (security fees apply), airline passport control, check-in/luggage drop off, immigration passport control, airport security check, boarding gate; private transport from the boarding gate to the foot of the aircraft and escort to the foot of the plane. 

Roumieh Business Lounge

Welcome to the airport lounge where you can enjoy the spacious and comfortable sitting areas with air conditioning and friendly service while waiting ...
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