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My Magazine 2022/08
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Bintang Bolong Lodge is a famous lodge in the village of Foni, Bintang. The lodge is built along the river Gambia where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the village. Bintang Bolong Lodge now offers a relaxing boat cruise amongst mangroves. The trip usually takes three hours, and you can decide on a package including breakfast and lunch or lunch only.

My Gambia team was lucky to be one of the first to experience the new boat cruise and enjoy a wonderful day with the Bintang Bolong crew.

We joined a group of six girls who came to work as volunteers in The Gambia and explore the country in their free time. Bintang Bolong was one of their go-to points. We left the coastal area at 7 am and arrived at Bintang at 9 am. The water level was low in the morning, so we still had enough time to enjoy the beautiful nature from the deck restaurant of the lodge, stroll around and explore the village. If you come to the Bintang Bolong, you should take the whole day off and enjoy everything this place offers. You can rent a bike, jeep, or paddle boat, decide on a cooking class in the village, go on a birdwatching tour, do some fishing with a fishing boat or just relax and enjoy the quiet.

We took our time to drink a coffee or tea and enjoy breakfast. We were served the delicious omelette, tapalapa with different toppings, and juice.

The Bintang Bolong boat can host 35 people, but the maximum number of people for a boat cruise in the Covid times is 20. The boat has a top deck where you relax on a sunbed while cruising or enjoy the breeze in the shade of the covered area. Refreshments are available on board for additional payment in case you want to enjoy a cold can drink. A sound system on board will allow you to listen to the music of your choice. There are two waitresses on board with two captains. We were even happy to have the company of the manager, which made the trip much livelier.

We left the shore at 1 pm and sailed for one hour to Santanba, a small village along the river Gambia. We took a tour around and returned to the boat to have lunch. It was a different feeling to have a delicious meal in a quiet place with only birds singing. The meal was delicious, especially the shrimp sauce with vegetables. We also enjoyed the salad with shrimp. You can just feel the freshness of the morning river catch. You can choose your meal from the menu before going on the boat trip. We were even a bit sad to return after lunch, after enjoying the blissful tranquillity of nature.

On the way back, we enjoyed the music and dancing with the staff, which is very warm, kind and open to the visitors. Some girls relaxed on the sunbeds on the top deck while enjoying the sun. We also got to see quite a few different species of birds with the help of binoculars.

Taking a break in nature is the perfect option to stay away from the hectic daily routines. This trip is a good choice for families, friends or couples on romantic dates.

Are you interested in a boat trip?

You can join one of their regular tourist boat cruise excursions or hire a boat for any of your special occasions such as birthday celebrations, weddings, or just a private boat trip with friends or family. You can combine company retreat with accommodation and the boat cruise or one of the many other activities Bintang Bolong Lodge has to offer.

To book your trip, call or text +220 704 3081 and follow Bintang Bolong Lodge on FB and know about their latest improvements. There is always something new going on there.

Bintang Bolong Lodge

Our complex is situated in an approximately 3Ha enclosure on the banks of the river Bintang Bolong, the largest tributary of the River Gambia. On this...
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Jane first travelled to Janjanbureh, The Gambia, in February 2004 for just one week through an educational link. That was enough to capture her heart, and she decided to try and support the community in some small way. On subsequent visits, staying with Tida Manka, the then retired Head Teacher of the Methodist Lower Basic School, she met her brother, the late Foday Jibani Manka (later to become the National Assembly Member). Foday had immense historical and cultural knowledge of the island, and Jane felt this knowledge should be shared. Seeing some tourists coming to the island with guides from the coast, not always with accurate knowledge to convey, Jane suggested that some local young people should be trained to become local tour guides and that a local skills centre which she had supported from the onset should be used to provide training in providing goods and services for tourists. Thus began her main aim of training Official Local Tour Guides recognised by the Gambia Tourism Board. She decided that setting up a charitable status would be advisable. It was to be a long task and finally achieved but since 2017 has been superseded by a much greater initiative through YEP Gambia, which is chronicled elsewhere on this site. Just Act Gambia became a recognised charity in early 2010. Just Act Gambia has developed through collaboration with the local community and various initiatives in response to local needs.

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