Elidis café & bar

My Magazine 2022/08
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Sometimes you find that you have to discover places that are so cool and meet your expectations, but you've just never heard of them. We found Elidis in Kololi, neatly tucked away in the corner of the Gambia Tourism Board building (formerly the Dream Park Building), and we highly recommend it to anyone searching for a well-stocked lounge bar and a cigar lounge combined.

Elidis offers one of the largest selections of premium alcoholic beverages in addition to an extensive cocktail and mocktails list. Elidis is a definite yes for a quiet getaway without having to get away, with cosy private indoor seats and a very ambient outdoor park-like seating, good lounge music, and when the sun tucks itself away - it gradually evolves to some dance music.

Elidis is the obvious choice for morning or afternoon coffee – with the best quality espresso Lavaza, or evening outing option, where you can enjoy the best quality drinks by yourself or with a group of friends without the feeling of overcrowdedness. Ample parking is available, and the music selection can always be customised by your desires. Together with the hospitality of Elidis co-owner Daniel, you would never feel like you are just one of the customers here. 

Connoisseurs of premium imported original spirits would never be disappointed, be it whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac, tequila, or brandy; at Elidis, you will find well-stocked shelves with most of the renowned brands.


Open all year round from 10 am till late; you are welcome to make it a meeting point for your business discussions or just a casual hang out. Are you planning a small private party or celebration? Think Elidis.

Elidis café & bar

Hidden jewel offers original premium whisky with original cigars accompanied with tasty finger food and good music....
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