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Are you living and working in The Gambia? Looking for healthy meals that can also be delivered to your home or office?

Manna Bakery & Cafe was established first of its kind in The Gambia, offering a wide variety of nutritious, healthy meals, vegan-friendly alternatives, great coffee, mixed grains loaf & mixed seed loaf, salads, and so much more! 


Fresh mint & strawberry lemonade, healthy smoothies and freshly pressed juices are available every day!

If you enjoy mornings with a good coffee, visit Manna and have one with a healthy breakfast. Or start your day with avocado toast with salmon and poached eggs or their homemade granola with seasonal fresh fruit and yoghurt.


Salads and other healthy snacks can be delivered to your home, office or holiday apartment. 

For bread lovers, this is the best place to go! Enjoy decadent homemade baked goods, freshly made every morning by Manna’s in-house baker. Offering you a variety of bagels, and a wide selection of healthy bread, such as whole-wheat bread, French baguettes, croissants, and Pretzels, sweetbread, English muffin, etc. 

Manna Special Sourdough Bread is now available every Tuesday.

Manna offers a wide variety of nutritious soups that are equally as hearty, healthy, and flavourful. These tasty soups will keep you full and satisfied, all the while giving your immune system a boost!


They recently expanded their premises by taking over extra space next to them so guests can enjoy the enlarged outdoor terrace. 

Call for delivery +220 3918700 or visit Manna Bakery & Cafe, located at Hendon Court Building, former Dream park (GTB offices, Air France, etc). 

Manna Bakery & Café

Manna Bakery & Cafe established first of its kind in the Gambia offering wide variety of nutritious and healthy meals....
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