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1Bena Super App for Online Shopping and Delivery

My Magazine 2022/08
1 min
Author: Ram
The Gambia has made a huge step in the digital world, and the 1Bena app is leading the way in all-at-one-place online shopping solutions.

This super app not only makes life easier for everyone living here but also enables visitors to get a better insight into the shopping options and simplifies purchasing in an unfamiliar destination without having to search for the shop on the map and check the availability of the products in person. It also creates employment or extra income generation opportunities for the residents by the team working hard behind the scenes.

With an application like this, shops and restaurants, no matter how big or small, have an equal opportunity to make themselves visible on the market. On the other hand, it is now so easy to do the shopping and not stress yourself out with the traffic jams, heat and rarely seen parking spots. The delivery is made for you, no matter the purchase size. So you can shop for a simple thing like a T-shirt from the fashion shop or big house appliances; they would both be delivered straight to your doorstep.

The promoters of 1Bena – a new dimension to travel in The Gambia, have been stepping up the services they have launched from day one. The 1Bena service has been making transport far more secure and reliable, and as more drivers and clients sign up – the service has been making a significant change in The Gambia. Reducing the struggle of finding a taxi nearby and at the same time offering reasonable transportation prices is a huge benefit to many. Moreover, high-level customer service, trying hard to find a solution for you at any time, and asking for feedback to improve the service, is hard to find. And with the introduction of food delivery services, the number of restaurants that have signed up in partnership with 1Bena has already been growing threefold.

Spurred on by the success of the travel and food delivery services, 1Bena has upped the game several notches up – by introducing home delivery for virtually everything – Groceries, Electronics, Clothes, Pharmaceuticals, and much more, 1Bena is making it so much easier for you to shop and order from home. With a dedicated and experienced team, 1Bena is making every effort to ensure a high standard of delivery, whether it is taking you from point A to B, ordering a meal or a dessert, or groceries because you just didn't have the time to stop and shop – your life in The Gambia has just begun to feel more effortless. 

Do you still struggle to get a taxi? Do you want to order a meal online but are worried about the delivery arriving at an acceptable time? Do you need groceries, but it would just take too much time to reach the shop? Download your 1Bena Customer app now and make your life easier. Click on the menu, click on "Shopping", and browse through various offers that will keep on expanding.





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