How to book an office for a day?

My Magazine 2022/08
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Have you ever faced the problem of not having a quiet working space with a fast internet connection and 24h electricity? Are you planning a meeting but don't know where to set it? Here is the solution for you. AFB Workspace offers fully serviced office spaces at three locations in the Kombo area, available for daily rent with no lock-in contracts.

AFB Workspace is a perfect solution if you are starting your new business and want to avoid the high cost of establishing a new office. Or if you are bounded to do some remote work while travelling but need a proper office space.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a location

AFB Workspace is available at three locations, Kairaba, Kotu and Brusubi, and it offers everything you need to work effectively in a quiet and comfortable environment. Each location boasts fast Wi-Fi, a printer, a quiet environment, free coffee and tea, and professional and friendly staff.

If you need a conference room for your meetings, AFB Workspace has your needs covered with a conference room for up to 12 people at the location in Kotu.

  1. Reserve your space

Call 797 3822, email or visit and book your space for the chosen date. You can enjoy a co-working space for only D350 per day. The conference room is available at D150 per hour per person, provided the reservation fee is D500.

  1. Bring your laptop and start working

There are no lock-in contracts and no security deposits needed; you can make your payment directly at the reception of the selected location or via a local bank transfer. All you have to do is to bring your laptop and start working. Everything else is taken care of.


Check other services

AFB Workspace offers solutions for both new and established businesses. They provide consulting services, virtual offices, and monthly and annual memberships. Find the best option for your needs by getting in touch with them.

AFB Workspace

AFB Workspace provides and supports workspace solutions that allow individuals and companies to work, however, wherever, and whenever they need. ...
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