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Drink of the month: Kaba juice

My Magazine 2022/08
3 min
Kaba is the fruit you must taste if you come to The Gambia from May to October. You can prepare delicious juice out of it, but first things first. Let's learn how to recognise the ripe when shopping at street vendors.

How do you know kaba is ripe?

Firstly, you can distinguish it by the colour. Young fruit is still green, as where ripe one should be rich orange. If you shook it to hear the sound of the edible part of the fruit moving inside the shell. This means that the fleshy part became juicy and detached from the shell. 

How to eat kaba?

First, open the fruit and separate the seeds with flesh from the shell. If you want, add it to the bowl and add your prefered choice of seasoning. It can either be sugar or a mix of salt, pepper, chilly and jumbo. Mix it well or even pound it a little to get more juice. The way to eat kaba is by sucking the juicy part of the seed. Once all the flavour is gone, discard the seed. 

How to make kaba juice?

It is one of the simplest processes. Put the fleshy part of the fruit in the bowl and pound it gently. Add sugar to the taste and pour water over it. Your kaba juice is ready!

Do you want to know more about the unusual Gambian fruits? Read the article here.

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