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Sheriff Sambou - the Head Chef at Yosh Restaurant

My Magazine 2023/08
3 min
Have you heard of Sheriff Sambou? His story is an inspiration for all of us. He has proved that you can make your dreams come true with perseverance, consistency, hard work, and diligence. He will go far in life with his passion, determination and hard work. Sheriff Sambou is the Head Chef of Yosh Restaurant, located in Fajara, just before the MRC.

Sheriff realized he had a passion for cooking when he was just a young boy. He would help his mother at home with grocery shopping and cooking. As he grew up, he knew with certainty that he wanted to become a cook.

He trained as a cook at a local skill centre and improved himself through YouTube tutorials and by watching Master Chef competitions.

Sheriff got his first job in 2005 at a local restaurant, where he worked as a kitchen cleaner while learning essential tips and tricks from the chef. After a year, he got promoted to work as a cook. A few years later, he joined Yosh Restaurant.

"Since then, I have been learning different cuisines, not just local dishes but also international, because the food industry is so wide. You can't just concentrate on one kind of cuisine", Sheriff claims passionately.

Sheriff continued to work hard and improve himself despite the odds. In 2017, his talent was noticed by a friend who gave him the platform to showcase his skill as a chef. It was at this time that he created his first international dish without anyone's help, and this was his stepping stone to Yosh in 2018. His inspiration to create a dish came from the Master Chef competitions and a few masters in the industry. 

When asked about his challenges as a chef, he says, "As a chef, the most important mantra is consistency. You have to make sure that the same type of dish tastes the same way every time it is cooked. It cannot taste different on the palates of customers. And as a Head Chef, it's even more difficult to work with different chefs with different cooking styles. You must ensure the dishes they prepare taste the same every time." This is the biggest challenge he faces as a chef daily.

Even though it has not been easy, Sheriff has always coordinated with his team to maintain the quality of the dish served to the customers. 

His speciality is preparing seafood, but he can cook other dishes equally well. He doesn't concentrate on one type of cuisine. He believes that there is a lot to explore in this industry, and one shouldn't restrict themselves to one cuisine. 

His dream was to work with his father, who is also a chef working at hotels. His dream came true when he invited his father to join him in his kitchen when he became a chef at Yosh restaurant in 2019. He feels that is his most significant accomplishment in life. 

Sheriff is very particular about the quality of food served to his customers. He ensures this by buying fresh meats, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients. These ingredients are then thoroughly washed and disinfected before freezing so they don't get contaminated. The serving plates are thoroughly washed and dried before putting food into them. 

"I feel proud to be a part of Yosh because this is where I was given the opportunity to become a Head Chef!"

Sheriff's dream is to build on his skills and become a greater chef! "I wish to be on the same standard as an international Master Chef", says Sheriff, and we don't doubt it! His love and passion for cooking, creativity, hard work and determination will take him places.

He also hopes to have his own restaurant in five years and be able to bring the Master Chef competition to The Gambia. 

Sheriff's motto is, "The best way to win is to keep fighting."

You can taste Sheriff's specialities at Yosh Restaurant in Fajara. Check out their full menu!


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