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Creating a Magical World: Family

My Magazine 2023/08
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
The family is a strong bulwark of security and support that accompanies us through the storms of life, provides support and protection. But times have changed and with them the functions and dynamics of the family in our society. Especially in the countries of the western world, the family plays an increasingly less important role. The feeling of connectedness in families is decreasing and people are joining new forms of community. Nevertheless, we should not forget that the roots of the family are deeply anchored in our hearts and that solidarity within the family is an irreplaceable source of strength.

"Family is the foundation on which we build our lives," Brad Wilcox said. In The Gambia, it is evident that a strong family and community bond is enormously important for normal everyday life. The magic of the family and the power of the community is essential for survival, because in The Gambia the state offers hardly any social security for the people. The increasingly strong welfare states of the West have fundamentally changed family structures there. However, the principle - the family as the foundation - remains basically the same. Modern Western society shows us that families can exist in many forms. Thus, it is time to redefine the term "family" and look at it differently.

The traditional notion of family as father, mother and their biological children, and possibly extended with grandparents as a consideration of an extended family, has radically changed in recent decades. Family today can take many forms - from patchwork families, where parents from previous relationships come together, to same-sex couples raising children together. There are also single parents, adoptive families and people who consciously choose to form a family without biological relatives. This diversity shows that families are no longer bound by rigid norms, but can be based on love, support and respect, regardless of their structure.

Connectedness – a basic need

In a changing world, we are seeing how the action of states can lead to a division in society and an increase in single households. Family and connectedness are being pushed more and more into the background, the ego takes a big role in our everyday life. In our modern society, traditional family structures may be changing, but the essence of connectedness still remains - be it within the family or in the communities we create in the digital world. Connectedness will always remain a basic human need. We should remember how important it is to be close to each other and to be there for each other. Because in the end, it is the connections that make us strong as human beings and give us the certainty that together we can achieve anything we dream of.

This is precisely what for us at INUS matters. We use the great upheaval of our time as an excellent opportunity to make our contribution and support the formation of a new connected society. With our projects, we bring together like-minded people who discover their individuality and celebrate their uniqueness. The diversity of life paths and forms of relationships shows that people can take different paths to realise their goals and dreams. The freedom that this diversity brings enables people to get to know themselves better and to develop their wonderful strengths and potential.

Culture of community

In the African gem The Gambia, the tradition of connectedness is especially alive in the form of extended families, showing us how this culture of community is a shining example of the benefits of the African family system. That is why we are showing our investors a different culture, where the people of the West are once again reminded of the old values of family. In the beauty of The Gambia, we have the opportunity to create a home for like-minded, freedom-loving entrepreneurs where they can share their passions, support and encourage each other and ultimately realise all their dreams. Through creative ideas, joint projects and genuine human connections, we thus aim to have a positive impact on the lives of local people and the future of society in general.

This close-knit community feels that they can create something special here in connection with the local population, using their skills, resources and love for the land and its people. In a world sometimes characterised by individualism and competition, IN.US shows that true strength lies in collaboration and togetherness. This community of entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the people of the country of The Gambia, has the potential to become a shining example of sustainable change and shared prosperity. Their inspiring commitment reminds us that together we can achieve great things.

Magic and variety

The Gambia, a country full of magic and diversity, has a unique way of quickly giving everyone a sense of belonging and security. By looking at families differently and redefining them, we can create a world where everyone feels loved and accepted - no matter what their family looks like. Because in the end, only one thing matters: the power of the connection that unites us as human beings and makes us strong as we walk through life together.

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

The Montessori school called " Young Explorers Montessori Bilingual School" in The Gambia is not only an educational institution, but a true community that embodies an incomparable bond. Here, the children not only experience an exceptional educational experience, but additionally a loving environment where they feel safe and understood. Besides values and knowledge, the school imparts a deep sense of belonging. The teachers, students and parents are like an interwoven network that supports, and they are all there for each other. In this warm and welcoming atmosphere, the children develop strong self-confidence and a positive attitude towards learning. The Montessori School “The Explorers” is more than just a place of learning; it is a place of trust and connection that touches the hearts of the children and shapes them for life.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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