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Dear readers,

Welcome to the August issue of My Magazine, where the rains are in full swing, and so is the humidity! As summer transitions into a season of rejuvenation, we enthusiastically welcome new members to our dynamic team. These fresh faces bring with them a world of ideas and perspectives that promise to enhance the essence of our publication.

Amidst this sense of renewal, we are thrilled to announce that we have finally moved into our brand-new office at Hendon Court (second floor), strategically located to offer breathtaking views of the cityscape and provide ease of access. The panoramic views are inspiring, adding an extra touch of magic to our creative endeavours.

We are also thrilled to inform you that our first-ever printed yearly travel guide is nearing its completion. Packed with vivid photographs, insider tips, and captivating stories, this guide is designed to be your companion on adventurous journeys and exhilarating getaways. Whether you're a wanderlust enthusiast or a seasoned traveller seeking fresh inspiration, this guide promises to ignite your sense of wander and infuse your life with unforgettable experiences.

And finally, we have taken sustainable tourism up another notch by allocating a part of our office to showcase Gambian-made products. This helps the people behind the products as they have a ready platform for selling their goods, and it helps the buyers as they will find a variety of products under one roof.

Happy reading, everyone! With captivating editorials, thought-provoking interviews, and expertly curated features, this edition encapsulates the essence of new beginnings and the allure of exploration.

Let My Magazine become your portal to inspiration as we embark on yet another extraordinary journey together.

Your dedicated team at My Magazine

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Did you enjoy this article? Share it with friends
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