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Lucky Lamin Lodge in Kotu

My Magazine 2023/08
13 min
Nestled in the heart of Kotu, just a five-minute stroll away from the main road and ten minutes to the beach, lie two exclusive and peaceful self-catering apartments. Set on the first floor, these tastefully decorated abodes offer a harmonious blend of local art and crafts, providing guests with an authentic Gambian experience.

As you reach the first floor, you'll be greeted by the sight of locally crafted bamboo sun beds and chairs on the spacious terrace overlooking the pool, beckoning you to soak up the golden rays of the sun and immerse yourself in its warmth.

Step into these charming apartments, and you'll immediately be captivated by their warm ambience. A cosy bedroom furnished with locally-made furniture in rich mahogany invites you to unwind after a day of exploration. The spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen boasting pure pine cabinets, a refrigerator, a gas cooker and a microwave offer a comfortable space for those who love more informal settings and who like to cook their own meals while on holiday.

An interconnecting door between the two apartments is perfect for families or friends. Each apartment has a comfortable double bed, but an extra single bed or mattress can be added to accommodate additional family members or friends. The bathrooms are stylish and spacious, with water heaters, pine cabinets and non-slip tiles on the floor. In fact, non-slip tiles have been used throughout the property to prevent accidents from slipping.

For those seeking a refreshing dip, a sparkling pool awaits you. Surrounded by vibrant tropical flora, this oasis provides a tranquil respite from the heat. And if you're craving social interaction, the traditional Bantaba, besides the pool, is the perfect spot to engage in conversation and make lasting friendships with fellow travellers and the owners who live on the same premises. You would also watch a fantastic variety of birds that come in to check out the colourful flowers, fruits and vegetables on the premises.

This lodge is owned by Nigel (locally known as Lucky Lamin) and his wife, Khadija. Nigel is an Englishman who came to The Gambia ten years ago on holiday. He was completely enamoured with the place and its people and visited The Gambia every year until he decided to settle down here five years ago. It was during one of his holidays here that he decided to take on the name Lucky Lamin. He fell in love with a Gambian girl called Khadija and married her. They are very happy together and live on the same premises. Khadija is a great cook and gives free cooking classes to anyone interested in learning how to make Gambian food.

Lucky Lamin, a chemical engineer by profession, is trained in hotel management from the UK, and he decided to build self-catering apartments in The Gambia to keep him active now that he is retired. In line with his commitment to sustainability, the complex is powered by solar energy, ensuring a green and eco-friendly environment. Lamin and Khadija are fond of growing their own fruits and vegetables in addition to flowers. Currently, they grow fruits such as coconuts, guavas, papayas, avocados, mandarins, and bananas and vegetables like tomatoes, capsicums, two varieties of chillies, coriander, parsley, cucumber, basil, courgettes and garden peas. These are grown for consumption and shared with friends.

Lamin is a very generous man dedicated to supporting local businesses, which is remarkable. His house was constructed by local builders, and the furniture is made locally using mahogany, pine and bamboo. Lamin buys fabric locally and gets all his clothes done by a tailor. He also purchases baobab seeds from women, helping them in their livelihood. Lamin and Khadija have a small plant where they extract pure oil from the Baobab seeds, bottle and sell it as Khadija Baobab Oil. You can purchase these products at the lodge or at My Gambia office.

In addition to supporting local businesses, Lamin is genuinely passionate about helping the local people and giving back to the community in any way he can. He has fixed a tap outside his fence to provide access to clean water (from his borehole) to anyone who needs water. He has also installed powerful lights along the wall of his property to illuminate the path for anyone passing by during the night.

Nigel, or Lucky Lamin as he likes to be called, exemplifies the true essence of community and compassion. His generosity has touched the lives of many, and he continues to positively impact the lives of those around him.

So if you're looking for holiday accommodation which ticks all the boxes and is kind to your wallet, why not try Lucky Lamin Lodge? Conveniently located, these self-catering apartments are a haven of comfort and a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy tourist areas. Another significant advantage is that Lamin and Khadija are always available on the premises should you need anything.

As the sun sets over this charming land, casting its warm glow upon the landscape, you know that the tranquillity and beauty of The Gambia will forever hold a special place in your heart.

If you would like to book a room at Lucky Lamin Lodge, please feel free to contact us


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