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TRIP: Top Spots of Coastal Gambia in One Day

My Magazine 2023/11
2 min
Visit the most known and must-see spots of The Gambia in one day and make some memorable moments from the capital city, crocodile park, monkey park and fishing village!

In the morning, we depart towards Bakau, one of the oldest settlements in The Gambia. We will visit Crocodile Park, which has a strong spiritual meaning for the people of The Gambia. More than 150 crocodiles are freely roaming around the park and swimming in the crocodile pool, where sacred water is captured for ritual purposes of barren women's healing. Take a photo while petting a live crocodile and walk through a collection of the artefacts in an ethnographic museum before heading to the capital of The Gambia.

Banjul is one of the smallest capital cities in the world due to its position on a small peninsula. Today, Banjul is predominately an administrative centre with a mix of various architecture as a consequence of the vivid history of the city.
We will climb on top of the Never Again Memorial Arch (previously known as The Arch 22) to catch a magnificent view over the whole city and briefly learn about the political history of The Gambia before entering the oldest market in The Gambia.

Embrace the vivid colours, intensive scents, sounds of bargaining and vendors inviting you to their stalls as you move through the narrow passages of the lively market. Do your shopping and try bargaining skills in vegetable, fish or craft market areas.

We stop for lunch in the Senegambia strip to enjoy the view of the most popular tourist street.

After lunch, we enter Bijilo Park to get close to the monkeys, who will gladly approach you when offering peanuts or bananas. Meet Vervet Monkeys and the endangered Red Colobus Monkeys and capture a great photo memory with them.

Our last stop is the fishing village of Tanji, where we will witness the transformation of the beach into one of the liveliest markets in The Gambia as fishermen return to the shore with their daily catch in the evening hours.

We return to Senegambia just before the sunset.

Ready for adventure?

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Explore MUST-SEE spots with us!



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