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APS Wallet: Local Transfers Made Easy

My Magazine 2023/11
2 min
APS Wallet, a leading Mobile Wallet Company in the Gambia, has emerged as a game-changer in the country's financial landscape. Launched in February 2023, APS Wallet has transformed the lives of thousands of people by providing them with a secure and convenient platform to handle their daily financial transactions.


APS Wallet takes pride in being a Gambian-owned company, prioritizing the financial well-being of its citizens. With numerous APS branches and agents conveniently located throughout the country, users can quickly cash out their funds without hassle. This commitment to local infrastructure ensures that Gambians can access their money quickly and conveniently, enabling them to meet their everyday financial needs.

One of the key highlights of APS Wallet is its user-friendly interface, which has been designed to work with any Gambian mobile number and network. Sending and receiving money within The Gambia with this app is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone screen.

In an era of increasing digital threats, carrying large amounts of cash can be risky. APS Wallet solves this problem by allowing users to store and transfer money digitally, minimizing the chances of theft or loss. By using APS Wallet, individuals can confidently make transactions without worrying about the safety of their hard-earned money.

APS Money Transfer Mobile Application makes things even more accessible. You can use any APS service, such as Nduga, Money Transfer, Bank Deposit Service, Cash Power and Mobile Credit Top-Up. You can download the new app on the Play Store or App Store, register and start using a wide range of services.

Through its easy interface, widespread accessibility, and commitment to safety, APS Wallet empowers individuals to handle their financial needs efficiently. Whether sending money to a family member or making daily purchases, APS Wallet has become an indispensable companion for many Gambians. So, ditch the risks of carrying cash and embrace the convenience and security APS Wallet offers.

For any assistance, contact the APS WALLET customer service at or call them at +220 355 0051 or +220 228 1244.


And what about sending money to The Gambia? Do not worry! APS developed an app for that, too! With the APS Money Transfer App, you can easily send money to your family members, friends (or yourself while on holiday) in The Gambia!

How to Download and Install the APS Money Transfer App

  1. Please go to the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. In the search box, type APS Money Transfer
  3. Our app will appear with a blue background.
  4. If you're an Android user, please click on Download and for IOS users, click on Get it.
  5. Once the download is complete, click on OPEN to open the App. You might be asked to enable the APS Money App to access your location. Please choose "While using the app".
  6. Now click on the Register Button and fill in your details. Please check that your email is correctly entered, as this will be your username. Any box that has a red asterisk is mandatory and must be filled out.
  7. In the Agent Code box, please enter the agent's code who introduced you to APS if you have one. But if you do not have any agent code, please leave the fill blank and continue.
  8. Once you Tick to confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions, the REGISTER button should light up to Register.
  9. Your registration is complete, and you're ready to send your first transfer.

Follow three simple steps: Enter the amount, add the recipient and send money. With MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), cash can be collected at 18 APS branch offices in The Gambia.

If you still need help, APS friendly customer service team are ready to serve you. You can contact them on WhatsApp: +447904028180 /+447523860866 / +447395127926

APS International

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries offering FAST, RELIABLE,...
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