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The Gambia - Creating a Magical World - Stability

My Magazine 2023/11
3 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
For us humans, stability means having security, continuity and a sense of balance. It is about being able to deal with the challenges of life without constantly being in uncertainty and turmoil. One could say: "Stability is the inner calm that keeps us firmly anchored even amid the storms."

Stability is thus defined as an inner state that sustains us even when external circumstances are turbulent. We can deal with problems and complications more easily if we have stable anchor points, such as our home, in our lives. This can play a significant role, especially in the stormy, rainy season in The Gambia.

Stability is not the goal but the path to constant development and peak performance. We humans should be careful to follow a path which can fulfil our wishes and dreams. The end of the rainy season in The Gambia this year marks a new beginning. The world is transforming, and this can be used as a great opportunity to bring about the positive changes at all levels you want for your life.


The Importance of Know-how for Your Personal Success

In The Gambia, a beautiful country with currently unfortunately limited know-how in construction technology, there is the possibility to make most buildings watertight with the knowledge and experience of European construction quality. Consequently, this offers residents the chance to no longer struggle with the challenges of water intrusion every year. Instead, they can benefit from durable solutions and thus increase their quality of life in the long term through stability in their home without having to fear constant repair costs.

With new and unique projects, a sustainable mindset and the expertise of two Austrian architects, IN.US brings unique European building quality of the highest level to the "Smiling Coast of Africa". High-quality buildings, where unwanted water penetration is prevented, will make everyday life easier for the residents of these houses in the future and thus bring stability and reliability as anchor points into life. This quality not only increases the value of one's own property enormously but also ensures serenity for the people, even if one is not at home during the rainy season.

Stability – The Cornerstone for Continuous Peak Performance

Just a 10-minute walk from the beach in Sanyang, not far from the highway, IN-US is building a brand-new single-family home settlement. It combines traditional, local building techniques and materials transformed with European construction quality and a modern design. Sanyang is the new hotspot in The Gambia, surrounded by nature, peace and tranquillity. Away from the tourist centre in Senegambia, south of Tanji, an impressive development will take place here in the coming years, guaranteeing the increase in value of these houses in the years to come.

With two covered parking spaces each and a plot of about 800m², these houses are, in contrast to many other projects, generously proportioned and made from natural building materials. There is enough space for extensive gardening, a private pool and room for personal vegetable growing for self-sufficiency. With its own borehole for a self-sufficient water supply, a photovoltaic system with battery storage and its own generator for energy independence, it is wholly and sustainably autonomously positioned for the future.

The Beginning of a New Era

This remarkable luxurious project, which is completely new for The Gambia, brings extensive stability and security to the lives of the residents with its essential qualities. The maintenance and operating costs of such a building are low. This also enables these houses to ensure financial stability in the long term. Take this opportunity to become part of this emerging community in The Gambia. The end of the rainy season marks the beginning of a new era of stability in this country. Especially in the real estate sector, we feel the emerging technology in this small African paradise.

My Insider Tip of the Month!

The lovingly run Sofanyama restaurant in Senegambia is a remarkable culinary discovery that combines stability in price and quality of food. It is open all year round, which is a rarity in The Gambia, especially in the tourist zone, and has a distinctive style with a unique atmosphere. It is the ideal place to enjoy excellent African food in a cosy environment.

What makes Sofanyama unique is not only the tasty food but also the amicable and courteous service staff. The waiters are always ready to help you with your choice and ensure your visit is a particularly relaxing experience.

As a unique highlight, the restaurant offers a spectacular dance show once a week, every Thursday, by the well-known dance group Kings and Queens. In combination with the buffet or an à la carte dinner, you can experience a great evening in The Gambia here. The Sofanyama restaurant is, therefore, without a doubt, worthy of a recommendation. Enjoy a special evening there, and look forward to a stable atmosphere of well-being.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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