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My Magazine 2023/11
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Welcome to the captivating world of My Gambia's YouTube channel, where a treasure trove of over 500 videos awaits you, offering a virtual journey through the enchanting beauty of The Gambia. With its diverse content and immersive storytelling, My Gambia is more than just a YouTube channel; it's an online window into the heart and soul of this remarkable West African nation.

From the picturesque beaches lining the Atlantic Ocean to the lush green landscapes that stretch across the charming villages and bustling markets, every corner of The Gambia is brought to life in vivid detail by our skilled videographers.

One of the highlights of our YouTube channel is its diverse range of content. Whether you are interested in wildlife, culture, history, or adventure, you'll find something captivating to watch. The channel offers videos on vibrant festivals, traditional music and dance performances, mouth-watering Gambian cuisine, and even heartwarming interactions with the local communities.

And don't miss out on our playlist of traditional recipes, which we are preparing and later on enjoying ourselves!

Our videos are produced by our always-eager-to-learn in-house media team, from the idea to the script, video shooting, and finally, all editing steps. We are explorers, and we enjoy documenting the culture of our beautiful nation as well as discovering new restaurants, resorts, guest houses, travel services and refreshing the image of the hospitality industry.

What sets us apart is our exceptional storytelling. The videos are beautifully captured, immersing the viewers in the sights, sounds, and emotions of The Gambia. From the authentic experiences of the local people to the mesmerizing natural wonders, each video feels like a personal journey, fostering a deep connection and appreciation for this remarkable country.

Beyond its visual splendour, our YouTube channel is a valuable resource for travellers and enthusiasts alike. The videos cover practical information, such as accommodation options, transportation tips, trips, tours, activities, workshops, volunteering and cultural insights. If you are planning a visit to The Gambia, My Gambia provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

We are very proud we have been able to talk to and capture some of the amazing stories of inspiring people in The Gambia and more happy to see that you, our dear followers, love to listen to them. Malleh Salah, Bunama Njie, Isha Fofana (Mama Africa) and Jaliba Kuyateh are only a few of them.

Promo videos, presentations, interviews, insights, glimpses of events and now also 360° videos are our tools to bring what we see closer to you and help you feel The Gambia through our eyes.

Embark on a virtual journey today, and let us be your guide to discovering the beauty of this extraordinary country.


Discover The Gambia through our library of videos detailing life, people, places, culture, traditions, food, music, business and lots more!

Do you want to refresh your business image or capture glimpses of events? Contact us! We are here for you. 

T: +220 214 0001
WA: +220 791 2618

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