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Experience Charity, Festival And Community In 5 Days

My Magazine 2023/11
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My Gambia is your one-stop shop for all things travel. From booking your accommodation to saying farewell at the airport after a magnificent holiday in The Gambia, we take care of everything in between, too!

If you're looking for a relaxing holiday by the beach, we can arrange the perfect one for you. However, if you are seeking an adventure, we know the places for you.

We at My Gambia are devoted to helping the locals in any way we can, and this is why we have created many responsible tourism products that involve villages and other intermediaries. When you book a holiday with us, it's a win-win situation for all.

This trip is a 3-in-1 experience and is not to be missed. It involves venturing into the inland of The Gambia, wildlife, the lives of different ethnic groups, their traditions and culture, and even getting involved in various activities to get first-hand experiences of your own.

We combined lighting up Kerewan Samba Sira village with one of the best festivals in The Gambia and the famous Ninki Nanka trail. We assure you that you will experience all of The Gambia in just 5 days. You will see, learn, feel and share through giving back, music, and dance and embark on an explorative journey across the country while visiting striking sites, learning about history, tradition, wildlife, culture and heritage, feeling the beats of the drums, warmth of the soil and share a piece of you with the people you meet.

Day 1 - will start with a visit to Kerewan Samba Sira, a village 300 km away from the city. After a warm welcome from the Head of the village and other villagers, you will be taken on a tour of their village. You will visit the village's primary school and the football field and enjoy the drumming event organised for you in the evening.

Day 2 - will start with cooking a traditional Fula breakfast, watching the installation of solar lights, visiting the historical stone circles rice fields, having lunch with the village head's family and many more activities. In the evening, there will be musical and cultural dances under solar lights by the Fula and Mandinka tribes.

Day 3 - is for animal lovers! You will go to the River Gambia National Park and see the magnificent hippos chimpanzees in their rehabilitation project and the beautiful bird life on Baboon Island. And if you love history, you get to see more stone circles, which are historical burial grounds and are of spiritual importance to the people of Gambia. And in the evening, you will experience the mysterious energies of masquerades.

Day 4 - is a cultural and historical experience with a visit to the Kankurang museum, sacred baobab site, silversmith's shed, liberation tree and governor's residence. You will learn about the masking traditions of The Gambia, the importance of the sacred baobab site, the history of slavery in Janjanbureh, colonial influence, and the traditional skills of silversmiths.

Day 5 - Visit Ndemban Village, where you will visit community women's vegetable gardens, learn how to make the local bread tapalapa, learn about Jola lifestyle and traditions, how to dye material with natural tie & dye techniques, how to produce salt from the muddy creek water in a traditional way, about the role of alkalo – village chief and harvesting oysters.

Are you up for an exhilarating and power-packed holiday with us? We will ensure that you see The Gambia up close and personal.

Experience the magic of Gambia!

If  you wish to explore the Smiling Coast of Africa, please reach out to us. This is your chance to create unique experiences and take home beautiful memories 



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