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Kings & Queens Season 3 is here!

My Magazine 2023/11
2 min
Kings & Queens - It started with an idea and the passion to create something new and different in The Gambia. A show to provide the ultimate platform for dancers and musicians to showcase their talents. A show to change the negative perception of the older generation towards music, dancing and acrobatics. A show which would be a unique and one-of-a-kind entertainment program in the hospitality industry.

Today, the Kings & Queens show is bigger than Grace Howell, the visionary, Founder and CEO of this beautiful production, could ever imagine.

Her idea was to form a group of the best performers, acrobats, singers, dancers and musicians, who would perform every week at a show combining music, singing, dancing and daredevil stunts of the acrobats.

Keeping this in mind, Grace conducted auditions in April 2021, encouraging talented young people to come together and be a part of history in the making. After a complete audition, the first Kings and Queens team was created with 16 members, with musicians, dancers and acrobatics, all from different countries, including Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Guinea Conakry.

Grace's first team was a combination of performers, dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers. Their first show was held on the 3rd of November 2021 at the majestic Ebunjan Theatre. But soon, Grace realized that they needed a more central and popular location to draw a bigger crowd to their shows.

Their second season opened with 22 members at Sofa Nyama Centre in the heart of Senegambia. It has a large outdoor stage and a courtyard and offers a delicious buffet or a la carte dinner with the show. To their delight, the first show was completely sold out! And the rest is history!

But, of course, their success was accompanied by their share of hurdles and struggles. However, Grace and her amazing team did not let these setbacks deter them, and they soon gained recognition and became famous not only amongst visitors to The Gambia but also among the residents who have been supporting them and enjoying their show ever since.

Grace's vision was to offer her team a platform where they could earn a decent income by doing what they love most using the talents they have been blessed with. And through determination and hard work, she has made this a reality. Now, her team members will not need to use their talents only as a side hustle but stand tall and proud of what they have brought to Gambia's entertainment scene. The team is slowly but surely getting respect and recognition, not only from their fans but also from their families and extended families.

This is their third season, and Kings & Queens are back with 30 members and an even more impressive, spectacular and jaw-dropping show that will keep you on the edge of your seats. The show consists of heart-pounding African and European music from the 80s to date, breathtaking emotion, magnificent dancing and daredevil acrobatic routines - a fusion of talents that grace the stage in a mesmerizing performance that will leave you spellbound.

The spectacular show takes place EVERY Thursday from the 26th of October, 2023, to the 25th of April, 2024. The price of the tickets will depend on whether you wish to have a buffet dinner or a la carte with the show or simply come for the show.

Location: Sofa Nyama Centre Stage, Senegambia (Behind Sofa Nyama Restaurant)
Doors open at 7.15 pm
Buffet Dinner served from 7.30 pm
The show starts at 8.00 pm

Enjoy the Show!

Are you interested in a night of entertainment with Kings & Queens? Book your tickets with us!


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