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The Gambia Environmental Alliance: Protecting the Natural Beauty of The Gambia

My Magazine 2023/06
3 min
The Gambia is renowned for its beautiful natural resources, from lush forests to pristine beaches and diverse wildlife. However, these resources are under threat from pollution, human activity, and climate change. That's where the Gambia Environmental Alliance (GEA) comes in - the first governing group for all environmental community-based organizations and civil society organizations in The Gambia.

Established and registered in 2021, GEA has already grown to include over fifty organizational groups. Its mission is to conserve the flora, fauna, marine, and coastal ecosystems, promote local people’s interests over profit for sustainable growth, and complement government efforts and partners in the search for long-term solutions in policies, human resources, and nature-based solutions.

From Banjul to the Central River Region, GEA has over six regional representatives working voluntarily to protect and preserve The Gambia's natural resources. The organization works with Greenpeace Africa, the Government of The Gambia and its respective departments and agencies, private sectors, academic institutions, media houses, entrepreneurs, and the National Assembly of The Gambia.

Since its establishment, GEA has carried out several activities to protect the environment. These activities include advocacy, climate action, educational seminars, protecting endangered wildlife and parks from encroachment, addressing marine pollution, beach cleanup, tree planting, and supporting local conferences of youth on climate.

The Gambia Environmental Alliance is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that future generations inherit a safe and healthy world. The organization is grateful to its partners and member organizations for their support, and it looks forward to continuing its work towards achieving common goals. As a tourist, you can get involved in the activities organized by GEA to contribute to the conservation of the environment. Together, we can ensure that The Gambia's natural resources remain beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.

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