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The Fajara Club Racket Tournament 2023 - An Insight

My Magazine 2023/06
4 min
Author: Gremin K. Manadan
The Fajara Club – one of the pre-eminent Sports and Family clubs in The Gambia, is the finest place for all the sports enthusiasts, who loves sports and loves hanging around with some equally minded sports loving people. Located at the heart of Fajara, the Fajara Club has different sporting activities in and around the club, like, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, etc.

The Fajara Club Racket Committee hosted a Racket Tournament recently, which highlighted some great games from the participants, bringing in a large crowd to support the players and also the tournament. The Newly formed racket committee for the calendar year 2023-2025, which consist of Racket Captain: Mr Gremin Manadan, Racket Secretary & Tennis Captain: Mr Ahmet Merih Tasbasi, Racket Treasurer: Mr Edwin Armitage, Badminton Captain: Mr Amrith Kurien and Badminton Vice Captain: Mrs Radhika Mahadik did a wonderful job to make this tournament happen in a successful manner.

The main competitions held was for the Tennis and the Badminton, in which there were tournaments in different categories. Tennis was played under round robin mixed-ability format, where as in Badminton there were 5 different categories, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles A Category, Women’s Doubles B Category, Women’s Novice category and Mixed Doubles.

There was huge number of participants, both members and non-members, and they actively participated in all the respective games to bring in an energetic display of match plays. The first-round games were played over the second week of May, and the Finals, Closing Ceremony and the cocktail party were on Saturday 13th of May 2023. Among the participants, a big percentage of the registrations were from the ladies, and it shows how well The Fajara Club racket committee has brought some activities in the racket games.

The tournament had few rolling trophies and other trophies sponsored by some well known Companies in The Gambia, M P Trading, Shapoorji Pallonji, Comafrique, Royal Enterprise Limited, BWinners, Prima, Staples, G Energy Ltd, Cake-A-Licious by Radha.

The Winners of different games were:

1. Tennis Doubles

  • Ahmet Tasbasi & Fred Roelants
  •  Mindaugas Ladavicius & Arnaud Da Silva
  • Katie Paine & Nitin Chellaram

2. Badminton Men’s Doubles

  • Amrith Kurien & Jojin Jose
  • Alwin Varghese & Jason
  • Gremin Manadan & Jerrin Yohanan

3. Badminton Women’s Doubles A Category

  • Anu Amrith & Pinkal Prajapati
  • Radhika Mahadik & Yashika Gedwani
  • Soni Rajesh & Jyoti Gajjar

4. Badminton Women’s Doubles B Category

  • Gretta Sebastian & Sakshi Sewani
  • Vandana Abichandani & Lina Rajwani
  • Parul Sharma & Prachee Prajapati

5. Badminton Mixed Doubles

  • Alwin Varghese & Pinkal Prajapati
  • Jojin Jose & Anu Amrith

The Final day of the tournament was held on 13th of May, and there were some wonderful finals played, and there was huge support from the cheerful crowd who came in to support their respective favourites. After the Finals, there was prize distribution in the presence of Fajara Club Chairman Mr Bryan Power and many other invitees. Followed by a splendid evening with some cocktails, food and music at the 19th Hole, were all the participants and the guests stepped up with some wonderful dance moves.

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