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Enjoy a Breakfast Buffet at Balafon!

My Magazine 2023/07
5 min
Balafon Beach Resort is an alluring holiday destination that provides an unforgettable vacation experience. Built along the lines of round gazebos, these holiday huts with all modern amenities on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean are sure to give you a unique Gambian experience.

One of the main highlights of this resort is its Bantaba Restaurant perched right on the beach! So you could finish your meal and step off onto the beach for a stroll to work off those calories!

The origin of the word Bantaba is from the local Mandinka language for tree, which is "Bant" and "aba" means "where to meet", and so the two words combined are Bant-aba, meaning a place to meet.

The restaurant's semi-open-air design, the beachside location and hand-made Gambian artefacts casually displayed around the restaurant create a genuinely authentic African experience. The informal setting creates a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, making it an ideal place to enjoy a meal while admiring the serene view of the beach and pool.

Aside from the stunning views, the exquisite breakfast buffet spread itself is nothing short of a feast catering to the breakfast needs of everyone - whether you're an in-house guest or coming to Balafon for the breakfast spread.

If you like to start your day on a healthy note, the fresh fruit station is definitely your go-to spot! This station offers an incredible selection of fruits ranging from juicy tropical pineapples, cool watermelons, and succulent mangoes to the ever-so-sweet papayas. There are also freshly cut carrots, cucumbers, olives, and cheeses to add a healthy touch to your breakfast.

However, if you love eggs for breakfast, just follow the aroma to the live-cooking station, where you can have eggs fried, scrambled or turned into thick fluffy omelettes with the filling of your choice. And, of course, there are fresh in-house baguettes to go with the yummy eggs! Do you like your bread toasted? No worries, there is a toaster to satisfy your need for crunchy toast under your warm eggs!

In addition to the traditional breakfast offerings, the buffet features a range of freshly baked pastries and cakes for ultimate indulgence and to satisfy your need for gluten.

There is a choice of orange juice and Baobab juice (made from the fruit pulp of the African Baobab tree) for those who reach for a glass of juice for breakfast! The juice's tangy and sweet taste provides a refreshing sensation that will please even the most discerning taste buds. Not a fan of either? There is also a big canister of cool water - nature's best and healthiest beverage!

If you still have a bit of room in your tummy, try their tuna pasta! It is fantastic! There are many other options like pizza, sausages, baked beans, mixed vegetables and so on! Your breakfast will definitely turn into brunch once you're through trying a bit of everything!

Are you lactose intolerant and cannot have the cereals and milk? The fresh local yoghurt, with and without fresh fruit, is a great probiotic option where you cannot go wrong.

Of course, no breakfast is complete without tea or coffee for that necessary caffeine boost! If you're not looking for early-morning caffeine, try the flavoured teas. No matter which hot beverage you choose, there's nothing like having it in the fresh air with a perfect view of the beach and Atlantic  Ocean.

The Bantaba Restaurant's indoor-outdoor rustic design allows you to enjoy the views from any part of the restaurant and admire the unique Gambian culture and vibe embedded in every detail.

The breakfast buffet is also open to the public for GMD500 per person. So make sure you go there on a totally empty tummy to savour all the goodies on display! And with the schools closing for summer soon, this will be a perfect opportunity to treat your kids to a yummy breakfast! Balafon is welcoming families throughout the green season! And that is not all. With the lowest rates until October, you can enjoy a tropical paradise holiday or getaway with everything available within arm's reach.

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