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APS Wallet makes your money transfer faster!

My Magazine 2023/07
4 min
Have you heard of APS Wallet, the new app and play store product developed by APS International to make international remittance faster, safer and easier to use in The Gambia? APS Wallet is simple to use and enables many functionalities such as sending money locally, depositing to the savings account, topping up mobile credit or cash power, and the list goes on.

APS is a leading company in international remittance transfer from the diaspora to The Gambia, providing convenient, accessible, safe, and secure remittance collection services in The Gambia.

The mobile wallet allows APS customers in the diaspora to send remittances as usual, without any change in the remittance process through the mobile app (APS Money Transfer App) or website.

APS Wallet can be activated by APS customers and remittance beneficiaries in The Gambia in just three simple steps, either by walking into any APS office or agent location or by downloading the APS Wallet mobile app from the Appstore or Play Store and self-registering. The first time the international remittance will be sent to you, APS will activate the wallet for you. You only have to download the app, and on the first visit to any of the branches, the agent will help you to conclude registration so that next time you can enjoy money transfer services in the comfort of your home.

APS Wallet is designed to work with any Gambian mobile number and network without restrictions. It makes the process of transferring money so much easier and faster. Being loaded with several use cases and functionalities will save you time going to the agents and offices either to buy mobile or cash power credit, as you can do it through your mobile wallet with just a few clicks! Need to send money to a relative upcountry? No need to visit the APS branch anymore. You can transfer money to any number anywhere in The Gambia through the APS wallet! You can also request money or deposit it into your savings account. The only reason to visit the nearest APS branch or agent is if you want to cash out the received money in the preferred amount. It works fast and is very simple to use. You almost won't need your wallet anymore!


APS International

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries offering FAST, RELIABLE,...
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